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Power to Heal
Power to Heal by Joan Hunter

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Author: Joan Hunter
Subtitle: Experiencing the Miraculous
Format: Paperback
Length: 218 Pages
Published: 2009

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Joan Hunter reveals powerful truths about healing and being whole. Through this dynamic book, you can:

  • Gain complete freedom from oppression
  • Overcome the mistakes of your past
  • Learn the keys to true forgiveness
  • Understand what blocks healing
  • End the cycle of dependency
  • Learn how to break generational curses
  • Break the devils authority

God has provided the miracle you need. Believe and receive today!

Table of Contents

Foreword by James W. Goll


Chapter 1: Healing the Whole Man

Chapter 2: God Believes in Miracles

Chapter 3: Am I Qualified?

Chapter 4: Authority of the Believer

Chapter 5: What Opens the Door to Illness

Chapter 6: Dont Curse Your Blessings

Chapter 7: Whats in Your House?

Chapter 8: Can I Truly Forgive?

Chapter 9: Dealing with Stress, Trauma, and Depression

Chapter 10: Freedom from False Responsibility and Guilt

Chapter 11: Salvation

Chapter 12: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 13: Healing Is a Way of Life

Chapter 14: Use What You Have Learned

Chapter 15: Anoint Me, Lord


We received more miracle reports when Joan Hunter was a guest on Its Supernatural! than from any other interview. She has much to offer in helping you receive your healing.

Sid Roth, Host, Its Supernatural! TV

Joan Hunter helps bring us back to Gods reality for our lives in Power to Heal. There are several intriguing chapters, but one I must encourage you to read carefully is Dont Curse Your Blessing. The power of words can create an atmosphere that negates the manifestation of Gods best. In these days when we need to overcome the world, this book is a wonderful, encouraging tool that causes faith to arise and depression to leave.

Chuck D. Pierce, President, Glory of Zion International Ministries

About the Author

Joan Hunter has been involved in the healing ministry for over thirty years. Along with her parents, Charles and Francis Hunter, she has ministered to thousands of people in the area of physical healings. She has traveled the world, laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover. God has expanded her ministry to include total healing body, soul, and spirit.

Joan is married to Kelley Murrell and lives in Pinehurst, Texas. She has four grown daughters, her husband has four sons, and she is a grandmother. She copastored a church in Dallas for eighteen years until 1999, giving her a wide range of experience in the ministry. She is also the author of Healing the Heart and Healing the Whole Man Handbook.

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