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Power of Humility
Power of Humility by R T Kendall

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Author: R.T. Kendall
Subtitle: Living Like Jesus
Format: Paperback
Length: 217 Pages
Published: 2011

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Pride is often the true reason why we get our feelings hurt, why we feel rejection, why we wont admit to mistakes, why we want to be seen with certain people, and why we stay angry.

Jesus gives us the perfect example of a powerful life lived without conceit, smugness, or arrogance. So why do we not want to admit to our pride? It is because of our pride!

In The Power of Humility, R.T. Kendall challenges us to look deeply into our hearts and motives to recognize the pride and self-righteousness there. Using personal stories and enlightening examples from the Bible, he demonstrates how pride interferes with a close relationship with God and reveals how to overcome pride and become more like Jesus.

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Paul Jackson


Introduction: Pride the Sin No One Admits to

Chapter 1: Taking Ourselves Too Seriously

Chapter 2: Is Pride Always a Bad Thing?

Chapter 3: The High Cost of Pride

Chapter 4: Forfeiting Wisdom

Chapter 5: Modesty

Chapter 6: When the Anointing Lifts

Chapter 7: Self-Righteousness

Chapter 8: Self-Pity

Chapter 9: Hypocrisy

Chapter 10: Climbing Up, Climbing Down

Chapter 11: Choosing Your Friends

Chapter 12: How to Become Yesterdays Man

Chapter 13: Prophetic Pride

Chapter 14: Hypocritical Humility

Chapter 15: Boasting

Chapter 16: Judging and Being Judged

Chapter 17: The Gospel

Chapter 18: Overcoming Pride




Pride comes in so many different boxes. As you read this book, youll probably unwrap several boxes of where pride has been hidden in your life. This is what I have found. Another thing I have found is that there is good pride and bad pride, and that helped me with some identities in my own life. This book will bless you in unique ways and set you free.

Dr. Marilyn Hickey, President, Marilyn Hickey Ministries

About the Author

R.T. Kendall was the pastor of Westminister Chapel in London, England, for twenty-five years. Born in Ashland, Kentucky, he was educated at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Oxford University He is well known internationally as a speaker and teacher. Dr. Kendall is the author of more than forty-five books, including Total Forgiveness, The Sensitivity of the Spirit, The Thorn in the Flesh, Grace, Pure Joy, Imitating Christ, and The Anointing: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.