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Power of Covenant
Power of Covenant by Kingsley Fletcher

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Author: Kingsley Fletcher
Subtitle: The Key to Secure and Lasting Relationships
Format: Paperback
Length: 197 Pages
Published: 2000

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We live and die by our relationships, beginning with the covenants we make with God and others.  And as Kingsley Fletcher so brilliantly reveals, “covenant” is not some old and stuffy-sounding word.  Instead, it is an exciting, dynamic Kingdom principle – one blessed with God’s high priority!

The power of covenant can and must be applied to our daily lives and to the life of the Church.  Learn how our covenants with God bind us together forever in our friendships, marriages and, ultimately, to God Himself.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: The Nature of Covenant
Section 1: The Nature of Covenant
Chapter 1: Rediscover the Forgotten Foundation
Chapter 2: God’s Early Covenants with Humanity
Chapter 3: What Makes a Covenant?
Section 2: The History of Covenant
Chapter 4: Covenant Keepers Who Changed the World
Chapter 5: Covenant in the New Testament
Section 3: The Benefits of Covenant
Chapter 6: Power, Witness and Wealth are Consolidated
Chapter 7: Families are Fortified
Chapter 8: Churches Become Healthier
Chapter 9: Broken Lives are Restored
Chapter 10: Blessings Too Numerous to Count
Section 4: Challenges for Covenant Thinking
Chapter 11: How to Renew and Preserve Covenant
Chapter 12: The Power of Covenant in a New Millennium

About the Author:

A crowned king from the African nation of Ghana, Kingsley Fletcher is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, television personality and author.  His ministry has touched more than 70 nations, spanning five continents.  Author of five books, including I Have Seen the Kingdom and Prayer and Fasting, Dr. Fletcher serves as senior pastor of Life Community Church in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, where he resides with his wife, Martha, and their daughters, Anna-Kissel and Damaris Joy.