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Placed in His Glory
Placed in His Glory by Fuchsia Pickett

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Author: Fuchsia Pickett
Subtitle: God invites you to experience Him in untold intimacy and splendor
Format: Paperback
Length: 171 Pages
Published: 2001

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What does glory look like? How will you recognize it when it comes! Explore Dr. Fuchsia Pickett’s fresh biblical insights built upon a deep intimacy and a lifelong journey of faith as she unlocks doors that will usher you into the very presence of God. You will examine the qualities of Gods character that emphasize His greatness and authority as you encounter the fullest attributes of His glory.

His desire to reach a lost humanity and reveal His gory has never been greater. From the beginning of the world, God looked down the corridor of time and saw you – a vessel of His divine will. Embrace your role as an intricate part of His plan, and discover the joy of opening the veil and entering into His glorious presence.

You will discover:
  • The appropriate response to the glory of God
  • Five things the church must be delivered from in order to experience God’s glory
  • Who brings God’s glory?
  • The seven greatest events in history
  • The importance of redemption
  • How to bear His glory
  • God’s heart for mankind

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What Is the Glory?
Chapter 2: Glory in the Godhead
Chapter 3: The Glory of God in Creation
Chapter 4: Glory in Heavenly Creatures
Chapter 5: The Glory Revealed to Patriarchs
Chapter 6: The Glory Revealed in Worship
Chapter 7: The Glory Incarnate
Chapter 8: Glory in Temples of Clay
Chapter 9: Glory in the Church
Chapter 10: Glory to Be Revealed

About the Author:
Dr. Fuchsia Pickett is the author of fourteen books. She has two earned doctorates and teaches at churches and conferences throughout the United States.