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Paul: From Prison with Love
Paul: From Prison with Love by C R Oliver

Price: $16.95
Author: C.R. Oliver
Format: Paperback
Length: 248 Pages
Published: 2020

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Paul: From Prison with Love, is a basic commentary of the writings generated from Paul’s first imprisonment in Rome. He had already written the book of Galatians in 49AD, followed by First and Second Thessalonians in 51AD. Trailing these volumes were First and Second Corinthians and Romans.

Knowing these books were in circulation prior to the four prison letters is important chronological information. It means the books of James and Matthew were available to the early church, and their influence, no doubt, was impactful. However, Paul’s revelation was certainly dynamic during those early days, as well.

This commentary seeks to draw on these facts and present a cascading treatise seeking to grasp understanding about their interaction. When Ephesians was born in 60AD, did Colossians expand upon Ephesians or is it a separate entity?

Similarly, did themes in these four volumes touch on material covered in Paul’s earlier works? One readily can see that the portion about slaves in Ephesians played into the writing of Philemon. The question is, are their other such incidences?

Each book of this foursome is in the chronological order of their issuance. As each unfolds their separate message, the commentator will seek to point the way to less obvious subjects that apply to the reader – regardless in what century they are read.

Paul’s tender heart is felt throughout these letters as he relates his own passion for unity in the body and his desire for the recipients to attain growth in their faith. May the Apostle’s love find a way into the reader’s life as he or she drinks from the living waters flowing from him.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Ephesians Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Ephesians Chapter 2: But God
Chapter 3: Ephesians Chapter 3: The Master Plan
Chapter 4: Ephesians Chapter 4: We are Family
Chapter 5: Ephesians Chapter 5: Walking it Out
Chapter 6: Ephesians Chapter 6: The Tender and the Tough
Chapter 7: Colossians Chapter 1: Returning to the Basics
Chapter 8: Colossians Chapter 2: Ministry by Revelation
Chapter 9: Colossians Chapter 3-4 and Philemon: The Believer’s Response
Chapter 10: Philippians Chapter 1: For Me to Live in Christ
Chapter 11: Philippians Chapter 2: Paul’s Heart-rending Message
Chapter 12: Philippians Chapter 3: Rejoice in the Lord
Chapter 13: Philippians Chapter 4: Through the Looking Glass
Chapter 14: Epilogue