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Overcoming Rejection
Overcoming Rejection by Frank Hammond

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Author: Frank Hammond
Format: Paperback
Length: 93 Pages
Published: 1987/2010

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Overcoming Rejection is a powerful tool in the hands of any believer, providing a message that can reclaim our lives from the power of the enemy. This book presents a practical understanding of the complications created within our souls due to the wounds of rejection.

Rejection is one of the most common and most neglected wounds in a persons soul. It is a wounding of ones personality that can provide an open door for spiritual germs called unclean spirits to enter. Rejection occurs whenever a person is denied necessary love. It is a wound that can occur at any time in ones life, from conception onward.

How we react to the hurt of rejection can further complicate our lives, and give added advantage to the devil.

Rejection is overcome by:

  • Taking the counsel of Gods Word to repent and forgive
  • Becoming secure in Gods love
  • Learning to give and receive love
  • Being cleansed of demonic activity
  • Filling oneself with the things of God

Explore the unhealthy personality adjustments which result from rejection, including perfectionism, manipulation, self promotion, control, and more. Most importantly, learn about the remedy for rejection, including prayers you can pray to be set free!

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Rejection: A Root Problem

Chapter 2: Reasons for Rejection

Chapter 3: Reactions to Rejection

Chapter 4: Readjustments to Rejection

Chapter 5: Repercussions to Wrong Reactions and Wrong Readjustments

Chapter 6: Remedy for Rejection

About the Author

Frank Hammond graduated from Baylor University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was a pastor for over 50 years in Texas and Colorado. Starting in 1970, he and his wife, Ida Mae, traveled extensively conducting deliverance and family seminars. Their ministry took them throughout the United States and into Canada, Europe, and South America. Frank and Ida Mae are the authors of over 14 books and booklets, including Pigs in the Parlour, Kingdom Living for the Family, Demons & Deliverance in the Ministry of Jesus, The Breaking of Curses, A Manual on Childrens Deliverance, Saints at War, God Warns America, and more. They have also produced, through their wide-ranging ministry, numerous compact discs with their insights and teachings.