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Overcoming Fear & Anxiety Through Spiritual Warfare
Overcoming Fear & Anxiety Through Spiritual Warfare by Carol Peters-Tanksley

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Author: Carol Peters-Tanksley
Format: Paperback
Length: 238 Pages
Published: 2017

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Most believers will acknowledge that as Christian we are not immune to the evil in the world – and that includes stress and the fear and anxiety we often experience as a result. But it is not God’s plan for you to remain in bondage to them! He wants to set you free from everything the enemy brings against you so that you can fulfill His purpose for your life. He has created you for big things!

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety Through Spiritual Warfare provides you with the tools you need to appropriate God’s freedom. You will learn to:
  • Determine the underlying source of your fear and anxiety
  • Experience improved psychological well-being
  • Engage in spiritual warfare practices that will break the enemy’s hold on you

As both a medical doctor and a minister Dr. Carol has the knowledge and experience to help you gain complete liberty from fear and anxiety and realize your full potential. She will help you see that through Jesus, you are an overcomer!

Table of Contents:
Part 1: The Problem of Fear and Anxiety
Chapter 1: What’s Wrong With Me?
Chapter 2: Physical Causes of Fear and Anxiety
Chapter 3: Difficult Circumstances Causing Fear and Anxiety
Chapter 4: The Role of Your Mind
Chapter 5: The Role of Your Lifestyle
Chapter 6: The Spiritual Roots of Fear and Anxiety

Part 2: What the Bible Says
Chapter 7: “Be Anxious for Nothing”
Chapter 8: “Be Not Afraid”
Chapter 9: How Jesus Dealt With Evil

Part 3: Strategies of Spiritual Warfare to Defeat Fear and Anxiety
Chapter 10: Strategy 1: Guard Your Heart – Preventing the Devil’s Entry and Recognizing His Attacks
Chapter 11: Strategy 2: Stay Connected – Locking Arms With Fellow Warriors
Chapter 12: Strategy 3: Speak Up! – How to Use Your Words in Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 13: Strategy 4: Have No Fear – ow Overcoming Fear (of Death) Defeats the Devil
Chapter 14: Strategy 5: Enter Into Worship – The Value of Being in God’s Presence
Chapter 15: Strategy 6: Walk in Victory – Consistently Applying Christ’s Finished Work in Your Life
About the Author


This book is refreshingly balanced and totally uncondemning, and her scrutiny of fear and anxiety is engaging and practical from start to finish! Nothing is left untouched; no stone is left unturned in her quest to lead you on the path to healing. Her medical and ministry experience allows her to weave a thorough examination of the possible physical, emotional, and spiritual causes of fear and anxiety. Then she devotes great energy to offering practical, down-to-earth steps toward freedom with the confidence of someone who has done it well!
Jane Evans, Senior Pastor, Influencers Church Global

Sometimes a clear voice is needed to navigate the basic pathways of life. The voice needs to have experience, education, and a sold understanding of God’s Word and how to apply it to life. It isn’t enough to know you have a problem; you need to know why you have a problem. What life experience brought this about? Knowing how to dig into the past so it can be corrected, or sanctified, takes a qualified guide. Dr. Carol is your guide. Enjoy the read. Enjoy the outcome.
Rev. Dr. Howard S. Russell, President and CEO, Christian Healthcare Ministries

About the Author:
Carol Peters-Tanksley, MD, DMin is an ob-gyn, ordained Christian minister, author, and speaker. She has practiced medicine for twenty-five years and is board certified in obstetrics-gynecology and reproductive endocrinology. Dr. Carol received her medical degree from Loma Linda University, where she also completed an ob-gyn residency. She also obtained a Doctor of Ministry degree from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma. She makes her home in Austin, Texas, where she enjoys being Grandma Carol to four wonderful grandchildren.