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Office of Personhood CD Set
Office of Personhood CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $39.99
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 6 CDs
Published: 2015

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When you were young, were you an asset, a liability or a child? A commodity is something that has value for what it produces. The child who was valued because he or she could work on the farm, or the child who was valued because he or she made their pastor parents look legitimate were both reduced to the level of a commodity, not a person. High achievers like athletes, musicians and gifted children are also often commoditized.
If you did not enter the office of personhood, you also could not enter into the offices of son/daughter, man/woman and husband/wife. It is a tragic thing to be married but not in the office of husband/wife.
This album gives detailed instructions on how you can go back through the foundational offices, no matter what your age now, and correct the problems of commoditization and neglect that cripple your ability to be in the advanced offices of adulthood and of the Kingdom.

6 CD set