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Nurture In the Womb CD Set
Nurture In the Womb CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $39.99
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 7 CDs
Published: 2011

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There has been an explosion of revelation about prenatal nurture in the years since Arthur Burk recorded the teaching Ministering to Babies in the Womb.

This new album builds on that one and adds so much more insight about working with the spirit of a child. There is also one session devoted to working with the spirit of the special children in our midst.
Central to the newer paradigm is the concept of redeeming the family line. It is not enough for your child to be born free. Each generation has an opportunity to embrace specific battles so that they can overcome in areas where their forefathers did not.

Even if your children are grown, there is treasure here for everyone who cares about their family and the generations to come.

This was recorded live in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa in 2010 and includes several modeling sessions with expectant mothers who were present.

7 CD Set

CD #1: The Intent
Part 1: New Direction
Part 2: Father’s Heart
Part 3: Jealousy
Part 4: Receiving
Part 5: Elegance
Part 6: Opting Out
Part 7: Partnering
Part 8: Redemption
Part 9: Sequence

CD #2: Righteousness
Part 1: A Fortress
Part 2: Steps
Part 3: Permanence
Part 4: The Choice
Part 5: Synchronization
Part 6: Priority
Part 7: Wisdom
Part 8: Wisdom
Part 9: Living Big
Part 10: The Generations

CD #3: Preparation
Part 1: The Womb
Part 2: Timing
Part 3: Distortion
Part 4: Batteries
Part 5: Design
Part 6: Textures
Part 7: New Move
Part 8: Landing Pad
Part 9: Integration

CD #4: Gestation
Part 1: Water
Part 2: The Order
Part 3: Grounding
Part 4: Connection
Part 5: Legitimacy
Part 6: Proper Place
Part 7: Announcement
Part 8: Responsiveness
Part 9: Preparation
Part 10: Memories
Part 11: Presence
Part 12: Engaging

CD #5: Special Children
Part 1: Pointers
Part 2: Bedrock
Part 3: Spiritual Realm
Part 4: Spiritual Sight
Part 5: Awe
Part 6: Saturation
Part 7: Parallels
Part 8: Unpacking
Part 9: Dominion
Part 10: Emotion
Part 11: Impartation

CD #6: Q and A
Part 1: Cleansing Land
Part 2: Overdue Babies
Part 3: Naming
Part 4: Emotions
Part 5: C-Sections
Part 6: Late Birth
Part 7: Equipping
Part 8: Touch
Part 9: Choice
Part 10: Jesus’ Metric
Part 11: Sufficiency
Part 12: IVF
Part 13: Timing
Part 14: The Cross
Part 15: Bad Fruit
Part 16: Confidence

CD #7: Blessings in the Womb
Part 1: Connection
Part 2: Legitimacy
Part 3: Proper Place
Part 4: Presence
Part 5: Engaging