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Next Level Spiritual Warfare
Next Level Spiritual Warfare by Venner Alston

Price: $14.99
Author: Venner Alston
Subtitle: Advanced Strategies for Defeating the Enemy
Format: Paperback
Length: 147 Pages
Published: 2018

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If we are praying according to the will of God and from a biblical perspective, why aren’t more of our prayers answered? When demonic structures are operated against us, delaying our prayers, it is a type of theft. Our portion is being stolen. And when demonic structures lay hold of our portion, they only return it when forced. But the Word of God reveals patterns of prayer for the believer to engage in spiritual warfare to combat this thievery. Spiritual warfare is connected to the dominion mandate of God’s Kingdom and when correctly applied is the force that’s needed. Next Level Spiritual Warfare encourages believers to pray not only for restoration of what has been taken from them, but also to engage in spiritual warfare until they receive retribution for what was lost, taken, or delayed. Using Biblical strategies and prayers, readers will learn to recognize when demonic structures are operating against them and how to pray more effectively to combat hem. Understanding how to engage in spiritual warfare will result in more answers to believers’ prayers. Based on Daniel 9 and 10 and warmly, engagingly written, Next Level Spiritual Warfare arms Christians of any reformation with powerful spiritual weapons to battle the enemy biblically.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What Just Happened?
Chapter 2: Where Did that Come From?
Chapter 3: Interfering Forces
Chapter 4: Defeating Demonic Carpenters
Chapter 5: Breaking Cycles of Self-Sabotage
Chapter 6: The Spirit of Pisgah
Chapter 7: Hindrances to Prayer
Chapter 8: The Power of Faith
Chapter 9: War Strategies to Overcome Enemy
Chapter 10: Armed and Dangerous
Chapter 11: Change the Game!

About the Author:
A senior pastor and itinerant minister, Venner J. Alston, PhD has participated in and developed prayer ministries for the past twenty years during which she noticed what seems to be an unacceptable level of unanswered prayer; a subject that often troubles believers. Dr. VJ is currently implementing Global Leadership Institute, a training program that will include a course on prayer and spiritual warfare. She lives in Wisconsin while establishing a base for ministry in Texas.