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New Kind of Love
New Kind of Love by E. W. Kenyon

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Author: E. W. Kenyon
Subtitle: The Solution of the Love Problem Human Love is Bankrupt
Format: Paperback
Length: 85 Pages
Published: 2000

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The two greatest forces in the world today are love and selfishness. Natural human love has failed because it is based upon selfishness. Does God have a solution for this problem? We believe that He has.

It is a new kind of love that has been overlooked by the Church but has recently been rediscovered. Jesus brought a new kind of love to the world. This book is an unveiling of that love. This new kind of love comes into a barren life and makes it blossom as a rose. It takes away the hardness and bitterness of life. There will be no empty lives, no barren lives. Every life may become a garden of delight, God has made it possible.

To walk in love is actually to live in God. It is the realm where the world dominates, where faith functions. Faith grows in the atmosphere of love. Faith becomes a dominating and creative force when love really rules.

Table of Contents:
The Author’s Reason
How It Came
Chapter 1: Love, Greatest Thing in the World
Chapter 2: The Place of Love in Life
Chapter 3: What Jesus Said
Chapter 4: Jesus Contrasts the Two Kinds of Love
Chapter 5: This Jesus-Kind of Love
Chapter 6: What It Will Do
Chapter 7: God-Inside Minded
Chapter 8: Seeing Men Through Love’s Eyes
Chapter 9: Taking Our Place in Love
Chapter 10: A Mother’s Confession
Chapter 11: Selfishness is Absorbed in Love
Chapter 12: The Love of Christ Constraineth
Chapter 13: Love Perfected in Us
Chapter 14: Walking in Love
Chapter 15: Love Minded
Chapter 16: Making Love Attractive
Chapter 17: The Message of the Cross
Chapter 18: Some Love Facts
Chapter 19: Blossom Like the Rose
Chapter 20: God is Love
Chapter 21: We Are the Sons of Love
Chapter 22: The Love Law Interpreted
It Words