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Modern Prophets
Modern Prophets by Shawn Bolz

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Author: Shawn Bolz
Subtitle: A Toolkit for Everyone on Hearing God's Voice
Format: Paperback
Length: 303 Pages
Published: 2018

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One-third of the Bible is framed with stories about people hearing God and the amazing outcomes and benefits of their relational journeys with Him. Why would the Bible be so focused on the role of prophecy and prophets if this powerful toolset wasn’t still available today? And if these gifts are available, how can we practically administer these supernatural occurrences into our very real lives? Is it possible?

Prophecy is not just about hearing God’s voice but administering God’s will in every area of life. Much of the prophetic today is elusive and unapproachable, but practical tools of healthy theology are changing our options, and this book can bring about your personal, experiential, and theological reformation on prophecy. Let’s do this!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by John Bevere
Chapter 1: God Wants to Speak to You

Part 1: The Theology of Prophecy
Chapter 2: Biblical Foundations of the Prophetic
Chapter 3: Categories and Types of Prophecy in Scripture
Chapter 4: A Current Context for Prophecy
Chapter 5: The Structure of Spiritual Gifts
Chapter 6: The Benefits of Prophecy
Chapter 7: Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 8: Qualifiers for a Prophet
Chapter 9: Roles of a Prophet

Part 2: Self
Chapter 10: The Growth Process
Chapter 11: Life Wounds and Prophetic Wounds
Chapter 12: Learning to Receive in the Prophetic
Chapter 13: Building Credibility, Accountability and Authenticity

Part 3: Administration
Chapter 14: Nurturing Others in the Gift of Prophecy
Chapter 15: Appointing a Prophet for an Organization
Chapter 16: Becoming a Prophet in an Organization
Chapter 17: Fathers and Mothers


There are many varieties of gift, ministry and effects. No one prophet does it all. However, true prophets are by definition explores, pioneers, warriors, champions and game changers in their particular field of expression. In the Old Testament, we see a prophetic concentration of the gift largely in a single people group. In the New Testament, there is a prophetic distribution across the planet. How we would prophesy in Africa is different to Asia and contrasting again throughout Europe. It is vital, then, that people we are mentoring have access to a broad example-based learning that describes, defines and delineates the required identity, personality and spiritual growth required to be both tested and proven in this unique ministry.

To this end, Shawn’s book will empower every student of the prophetic to determine their field of expression, level of authority, and the requirements of gift, ministry and office as a prophetic voice.
Graham Cooke

With authentic love and humility, Modern Prophets seeks to encourage, teach, and empower the church to manifest the love of God on Earth through prophecy. This book is filled with practical steps to fortify a healthy and mature prophetic community, both within and beyond the four walls of the church. We need this, as the unbeliever has an inbuilt hunger to be seen and delighted in by the Lord.
Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

About the Author:
Shawn Bolz is a globally recognize public speaker, minister, and best-selling author. He is a TV host and has a chart-topping podcast called Exploring the Prophetic. His heart is to see people live out God’s original intention in their families, industries, cities, and lives, so he focuses n training people to hear the voice of Jesus so they can connect to this amazing plan. He and his wife planted Bolz Ministries and are also founders of a church called Expression58 in Los Angeles, California, where they reside with their two daughters.