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Modern Fig Leaf
Modern Fig Leaf by Pablo Giacopelli

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Author: Pablo Giacopelli
Subtitle: Uncover Your True Identity
Format: Paperback
Length: 250 Pages
Published: 2015

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We come to the world naked, and we depart naked. How about we live it naked too?

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve hid their nakedness and shame behind a fig leaf – what are you hiding behind?

Many people have been awakened to the reality of Jesus within their hearts, yet continue to live out the rest of their lives hidden and ashamed, not knowing that they are able to stand authentic, present, and free before others and a God who loves them and longs to show them who they truly are.

In The Modern Fig Leaf, Pablo Giacopelli takes you on a real, raw, and unforgettable journey into the human heart . . . and into the very heart of God.

Rediscover your true identity as you unlock the Source of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in your life!

Table of Contents:
Part 1
Chapter 1: The Secret Within the Garden
Chapter 2: This Way or That Way?
Chapter 3: The Modern Fig Leaf
Chapter 4: Seeing the Truth
Part 2
Chapter 5: Inner Bleeding
Chapter 6: Breaking the Deal Up
Chapter 7: The Rest of Us
Chapter 8: Now
Chapter 9: The Man in the Mirror
Chapter 10: Our Biggest Allies
Chapter 11: It Was Never Meant to Last!
Chapter 12: Intimate Prayer
Chapter 13: One

In this book, Pablo takes you to the mountains and valleys, the rain forests and deserts of his life and walk with God. As you will see, it is God’s desire to reclaim and release the profound and purposeful life that He has given you out of the world’s artificial landscapes. God does this out of His intimate love for you and His understanding of who you are to be. Pablo’s story will inspire and instruct you like few others do to take the same journey home.
Gary Barkalow, Best-selling author

Pablo captures in fresh words and dynamic images the ancient truths of our faith. We have lost the heart of the Gospel in our systems, structures, and situations. Deeply rooted in Scripture, Pablo attempts to bring us home to the heart of the story – the heart of the Father – and in doing so brings us back home to our own heart. Put your feet up, sit back, and take a walk and talk with God to a place of peace, integrity, and total acceptance. You’ll be surprised where you end up. I’ll see you there.
Mark Eaton, President, Eaton Leadership Foundation

About the Author:
Pablo Giacopelli is a certified professional and personal life and leadership coach under the banner of UXL and The Zone Project. In his past, he was also a professional tennis coach who worked successfully with some of the best female tennis players in the world, as well as being chosen as the Estonian Tennis Team Captain at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He has travelled, worked, and spoken at various seminars and conferences around the world. He is married to Madeleine and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Pablo is the father of five children: Vanessa, Jake, Mia, Gisella, and Anabella.