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Ministering to Abortions Aftermath
Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath by Bill and Sue Banks

Price: $6.95
Author: Bill and Sue Banks
Format: Paperback
Length: 126 Pages
Published: 1982

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A practical guide that can help you minister to yourself and equip you to minister to those who have had an abortion. Included within these pages are actual case studies of women who have found freedom from the traumas associated with abortion, such as guilt, shame, pain, torment, childlessness, and even suicide. The theme that their personal stories have in common is this . . . there is hope!

Discover the strategic steps and the simple truths that have led these women - and hundreds like them – to rediscover peace and fulfillment in their lives.

Millions of women have had abortions: every one of them is a potential candidate for the ministry presented in this book. These techniques minister specifically to abortion’s aftermath; they may also be applied to a wide range of personal struggles. Every minister, every counselor, every Christian should be familiar with how to set people free!

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Abortion is Seen to be Murder
Case 1: Edna’s Story
Case 2: Nancy’s Story
Teaching Section 1: The Fetus Is a Person

Part 2: Abortion Reveals Satan’s Hatred for Children
Case 3: Dr. Luke’s Story
Case 4: Alice’s Story
Case 5: Barbara’s Story
Teaching Section 2: God Has Provided Deliverance

Part 3: Abortion has Relationship to Affliction
Case 6: Olga’s Story
Case 7: Ruth’s Story
Teaching Section 3: We Need to Better Understand Forgiveness

Part 4: Abortion Must be Confronted
Case 8: Tracey’s Story
Case 9: Inez’s Story
Case 10: Olivia’s Story
Case 11: Nola’s Story
Teaching Section 4: There are Various Applications of This Ministry

Part 5: Abortion: A Disassociated but Parallel Testimony
Cast 12: Dave and Kathy Kovac’s Testimony
Teaching Section 5: Reaching the Source, Jesus
Teaching Section 6: Abortion Defeated
Teaching Section 7: Beginning a Walk in Victory