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Mind Control
Mind Control by Guy Steward

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Author: Guy Steward
Subtitle: Choosing Between Truth and Deception
Format: Booklet
Length: 79 Pages
Published: 1998

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This book is a result of 4 years research into the subject of cults and mind control. It has arisen out of the authors own experience (of being in a cult) as well as from observations made both within the Christian context and outside of it. This book is written in the hope that it will be used wisely to help people who have been drawn away from the truth by subtle techniques of manipulation and control that they may be able to freely choose between truth and deception.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What is Mind Control?

Chapter 2: To Those Involved in Mind Control

Chapter 3: To Family and Friends of Victims

Chapter 4: A Guide to Pastors and Christian Workers

Chapter 5: Cults Which Practice Mind Control

Chapter 6: Conclusions

Appendix A Questionnaire 1 Are You Under Mind Control?

Questionnaire 2 Are You Susceptible to Mind Control?

Questionnaire 3 How to Identify a Cult

Appendix B Biblical View of Conscience

Appendix C How to Become a Christian

Appendix D Keys to Release


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About the Author

Guy R. P. Steward, lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and is a musician and a teacher of both music and English as a second language. He an a small business for 7 years before returning as an adult student to study for ESOL qualifications, followed by a B.A. majoring in music. Three more years of study included a theology degree (which included specific study of the issues dealt with in this book) and the L.T.C.L. diploma in Music Education. His interests range from writing to ethnomusicology, art and linguistics.