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Mercy Season CD Teaching
Mercy Season CD Teaching by Arthur Burk

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Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 10 CDs
Published: 2008

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“In the Mercy Season, people will smell the fragrance of Christ!” That was the unexpected answer when I asked Father what the distinctive mark of the Mercy Season would be. I could see the parallels between each of the previous six seasons of church history and their respective redemptive gifts but had not anticipated this answer to my question about the final season.

So what does that look like on Monday morning? As we move from the Ruler Season with its emphasis on structure, church government and unity, into the Mercy Season with an emphasis on blessing of presence, niche anointings and intimacy, where does the fragrance of Christ manifest?
The fragrance will come through:
  • A radically overhauled leadership structure
  • A different form of spiritual authority
  • A release of the treasures in the land
  • A fresh new objective for the Church

These teachings will give you practical tools for keeping in step with the King as He orchestrates massive retooling of the Church.

10 CD Set