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Prayer Essentials For Living in His Presence Volume 2
Prayer Essentials For Living in His Presence Volume 2 by Sylvia Gunter

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Author: Sylvia Gunter
Format: 8.5 x 11" Spiral-Bound
Length: 343 Pages

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Prayer Essentials picks up where Prayer Portions left off. Prayer Essentials will whet your holy hunger to see God move in our day with His awesome reviving presence. It will challenge you toward clean hands and pure heart and equip you for new levels of spiritual opposition. It builds on the Father-heart and intimate friendship with God in Prayer Portions. It emphasizes the pleasures of prayer, beyond duty to joy and delight. It will lead you to actually keep company with God often in prayer, not just talk about prayer. It will encourage your praying with a keen sense of the presence of God. It is for those who are serious about consciously living in God's presence and praying by His direction. It contains fresh inspiration for times when you have prayed everything you know to pray and need the help of the Holy Spirit in praying His prayers.

Intimacy With God In His Transforming Presence -31 essentials Challenges us to new commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, encourages new intimacy with Him, and sharpens our ears for hearing Him. He wants to give us new hearts with new love, joy, peace in the Holy Spirit, as we present our lives to Him as a sweet fragrance of sacrifice worshiping, interceding. God will entice us to draw closer and sustain us in trying times, as we cry out, "Radically make me new with Your transforming presence."

Intercession By His Interceding Presence -54 essentials stimulates us to live an intercessory life, birthed in prayer, based on prayer, and bathed in prayer as our necessity. The prayer relationship is a lifestyle of conversation with Him in everything. We intercede when our hearts are inflamed with passion, desperation, and fervency. God will do more with days of that kind of passionate importunity in His presence than in years of man's programs. We cry, "Holy Spirit, pray Your prayers through us."

The Word of God And His Living Presence -25 essentials leads us to live today in the presence of God through His living, active Word. The Spirit breathes His prayers to us through His Word, our prayer-book. It is alive, active, strong, effectual, penetrating, piercing, permeating, and productive! A passionate love for the Word of God is essential for living in the presence of God. We cry, "Bread of heaven, feed us 'til we want no more."

Table of Contents


For My Lord Jesus



1 Introduction

Oh the Glory of Your Presence

Oh Love, That Wilt Not Let Me Go


What God is Saying to me for This Year

On the Peace of His Presence

What to Say About me?

2 Intimacy with God

Be Thou my Vision


Intimacy with God in His Presence

My Morning Declaration

The More

Christ is All That Matters

Personally Praying the Lords Prayer

Surplus and Deficit

Face-to-Face with God

View from Back Side of the Desert

God Keeps the Night Watches

From Victory to Victory

Essential Time in His Presence

God Will Go Before Us

Seeing Gods Hand

God Really Loves me

How Not to Hear from God

Jesus Prayed for me in John 17

Personally Praying Psalm 91

A Personal Psalm 91

Praying Acts 17

Praying the Be Attitude

Praying Psalm 9

Praying Psalm 27

Praying Psalms 28

Recipe for Peace

Be Still my Daughter

Standing Checklist

Strengthened in the Lord

Praying Ephesians

Healing Words

After Significant Prayer

Comfort Resources

3 Intercession

Intercession by His Interceding Presence

Brethren, We Have met to Worship

Intercessory Worship

What Moves the Hand of God?

Ask, Seek, Knock

Cover all the Bases Prayer Plan

Pleading Your Case in the Court of Heaven

Your Kingdom Come Praying

Prayer for Physical Healing

Praying Psalm 18 in Trouble

Let There Be Praying

Generational Heritage

Evening Prayer for Your Household

Prayer for Reconciling Conflict

Praying Thessalonians 2:13-3:5 for Children

A Fathers Prayer

Prayerwalking your School

Praying for Rebellious Ones

Dry Bones Praying

Praying from Isaiah 33

Praying for Children Moving Away from Home

Abba-Prayer for the Touch of Father God

Special Blessings Prayer

Basic Needs of Adult Sons and Daughters

Prayer for Favor

Prayer for Direction and Encouragement

Holy Exchange Prayer

Refreshment Prayer for Weary Ones

Head-to-toe Prayer

Praying Psalm 91 The Place of Protection

Mighty Men of Prayer for Spiritual Leaders

Are you Covered in Prayer Daily?

Praying Psalm 31 for Pastors and Spiritual Leaders

Praying Psalm 25 for Pastors and Spiritual Leaders

Praying 1 Samuel 16:18 for Leaders

Praying like Pauls Prayer Partners

Prayer for Blessing a Business

Praying for a Business Property or Job Site

Praying the Lords Prayer for Missionaries

Praying Psalm 146 Formula for Failure, Secret of Success

Praying Psalm 92

Praying for a Nation

Praying the Names of God for a Nation

Reaching the World on Your Knees

Introduction to Healing Prayer

Healing Hurts was the Life of Jesus

The Luke 4:18-19 Mission of Jesus

From Defeat to Abundant Life

Praying for the Abundant Life of Jesus

Good Samaritan Prayer

Bitter Roots, Bitter Fruit Pulling out Roots of Bitterness

Prayer that Removes Yokes

You Know Youve Been Jezebelled When . . .

Prayer for Healing a Fatherless Generation

4 The Word of God

Holy Bible, Book Divine


Psalm 119 Loving Gods Word

Glimpses of His Grace

The Word of His Grace

How the Church Prayed in Acts

The Non-negotiable Presence of the Holy Spirit

The Gift and Fullness of the Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Holy Spirit Filled Believers

Living in Acts Chapter 29

Relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Why Anoint with Oil Today

What Amazed People About Jesus

In the Lord

Waiting on God


The Good Shepherd and the Lords Prayer

In the Presence of Gods Word

Pleasing God


Character of Godly Wisdom


Living Titus 3:9-11

Psalms of Victory for 31 Days

5 Amen

The Lord Bless you and Keep You


Alphabetical Index of Titles


About the Auhtor

Over the past 30 years,Sylvia Gunter has led groups, spoken, led retreats, done prayer counseling, and faced individual prayer challenges. All of Sylvia's resources are developed in prayer in real life situations in response to real needs. Believers around the world have graciously said that God has used these materials to encourage, strengthen, comfort, and equip them for deeper relationship with Him and effective intercession.

Prayer Portions and For The Familywas the first overflow of those experiences. Then God led Sylvia through her own back-side-of-the-desert experience, from which Prayer Essentials For Living In His Presence is the overflow. Sylvia's spiritual journey is evident in the "Intimacy With God" section. You can trace God's footprints in the healing prayers in the "Intercession" section. You can trace the source of her strength in the "Word Of God" section. God's new depth for her is visible in the "Worship" and "Repentance And Revival" sections. His new arenas where He wants to reveal Himself as Mighty Warrior can be seen in the "Spiritual Warfare" sections.

Sylvia lives in Birmingham with her husband John, now retired from his position as a telecommunications executive. They have three adult children (Charley, David, and Elizabeth), and two grandkids (Richmond and Margie Louise).