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Life of Faith
Life of Faith by Cornelia Nuzum

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Author: Cornelia Nuzum
Subtitle: The poignant account of an early twentieth-century missionary who chose a life lived in joyful sacrifice
Format: Paperback
Length: 96 Pages
Published: 1956

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As a missionary in Mexico in the early twentieth century, Cornelia Nuzum learned how to trust God for challenging needs in difficult circumstances. Having learned to speak Spanish, she knew the importance of communicating with simplicity and brevity. All of these elements contribute to the highly readable message of The Life of Faith.

Basing her insights solidly on God’s Word, Cornelia shares boldly and without apology how she learned to have deep faith. Confronting the dangers of bandits, diseased dogs, and yellow fever, this amazing woman learned how to resist evil and live confidently in God’s power. In The Life of Faith she encourages others to live humbly and to witness boldly. Drawing from her intimate walk with God, Cornelia guides the reader to new levels of faith.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: I Am Come That Ye Might Have Life
Chapter 2: In Him Is Redemption
Chapter 3: Remember Thy Creator
Chapter 4: Lay Them Aside
Chapter 5: A Pure and Holy Life
Chapter 6: Strength
Chapter 7: Hold That Fast Which Thou Hast
Chapter 8: God’s will
Chapter 9: Endure
Chapter 10: The Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ
Chapter 11: Resisting the Devil
Chapter 12: Whatsoever We Ask
Chapter 13: Head Faith and Heart Faith
Chapter 14: The Faith That Takes
Chapter 15: Things That Be Not
Chapter 16: Faith and Love
Chapter 17: Does Your Faith Grow?
Chapter 18: Great Reward

About the Author:
Cornelia Nuzum was born in West Virginia in 1856. She married Staats Nuzum who was of Irish descent. In 1911, some years after the death of her husband, Cornelia began a ministry with Carrie Judd Montgomery at the Hoe of Peace in Oakland, California, that included weekly divine-healing meetings. Later, she served for many years as a missionary along the Mexican border. Cornelia became respected as a writer who focused on faith and healing. She contributed regularly to Mrs. Montgomery’s monthly Triumph of Faith journal. In addition to publishing many tracts that included an emphasis on faith and the blood of Jesus, her writings also appeared in the Pentecostal Evangel. The most well-known collection of her writings, The Life of Faith, has remained in print for over eighty years.