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Liberating the Bruised
Liberating the Bruised by Joe Allbright

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Author: Joe Allbright
Format: 8.5 x 11" Paperback
Length: 274 Pages
Published: 1997

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As one reads "Liberating the Bruised", one sees that it clearly explains spiritual warfare by way of God's Word, and it offers God's solutions for minor to major spiritual and emotional problems. Of course, if minor problems are not dealt with, they can become major ones! This book well serves as (1) a text book for those desiring to learn biblical truths about wounded, fragmented personalities and the demonic---spiritual warfare, (2) a self-help counseling book, and (3) an instruction book for those desiring to learn how to help hurting people find freedom, peace and joy! Without doubt, precious souls who are desperate to be free can find freedom from their spiritual bondage! For victory can most surely come through the Lord Jesus as people trust and obey Him concerning His biblical teachings!

The biblical truths in the book are a great help for any individual battling emotional, spiritual and behavioral issues. This includes couples with serious marital problems. A loving marriage comes (1) when husband and wife each humble himself/herself to deal with and confess his/her own sin issues, (2) reclaim all legal ground that Satan manipulates and claims by way of sinful behavior and any generational iniquities passed down, and (3) through their legal authority in Jesus Christ each can reclaim ground from the enemy and receive freedom, peace and joy. Then each can walk with the Lord victoriously and respect and love others the way Christ loves...unconditionally.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: God’s Foundational Truths on Demonology
Chapter 1: The Origin of Demonology
Chapter 2: Old Testament Scriptural Accounts of Demons
Chapter 3: New Testament Scriptural Accounts of Demons

Part 2: God’s Gift of Reconciliation
Chapter 4: The Fall and Restoration of Man
Chapter 5: Restoring True Worship
Chapter 6: The Mystery of Our Body’s Soul Unveiled

Part 3: God’s Truths for Counseling Today’s Bruised
Chapter 7: Can Demons Invade Christians of Today?
Chapter 8: Unwanted Inheritance
Chapter 9: The Evils that Lurk Within

Part 4: God’s Children Liberated!
Chapter 10: Are Ones in Church Leadership Exempt from the Demonic?
Chapter 11: More Sessions in God’s Counseling Room
Chapter 12: Conquering Confusion
Chapter 13: Defeating Denial
Chapter 14: A Desperate Young Man with A Glimmer of Hope, Case #17
Answers to Questions Most Commonly Asked

About the Author:
Dr. Joe Allbright has been in the preaching and counseling ministry since 1976. During the years of his ministry, hundreds of troubled and hurting individuals have ben guided to a life of victory and peace. His counseling ministry has always been available to his counselees at no charge. Being an ordained minister, Joe has pastored several churches over a period of eight years before feeling led by the Lord to devote his time completely to the counseling ministry. Through the years, Dr. Allbright has continued preaching in various churches by invitation. Joe and his wife, Rita, have three married children and five grandchildren, for which they are extremely grateful to the Lord!