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Leader Shifting
Leader Shifting by Harold Eberle

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Author: Harold Eberle
Subtitle: Turning a Church Over from One Senior Pastor to Another
Format: Paperback
Length: 229 Pages
Published: 2017

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Leader Shifting can be glorious or gruesome, successful or fraught with mistakes that result in devastated lives. Success requires understanding basic relational and authority dynamics, then following well-thought out steps for a smooth succession.

This book will be most beneficial for small to medium-sized churches that have some freedom in how successors are chosen and especially for churches that recognize the five-fold ministry. However, all churches and church leaders should be planning for succession, and those plans should be activated as soon as possible.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Leadership Structure of the Local Church
Chapter 2: The Heart of a Shepherd
Chapter 3: Raising Leaders within the Local Church
Chapter 4: Raising Spiritual Sons
Chapter 5: A Successor Who Is Not a Spiritual Son
Chapter 6: Choosing the New Senior Pastor
Chapter 7: This Is Not Turning a Church Over
Chapter 8: Properly Turning a Church Over
Chapter 9: Authority to Hire and Fire
Chapter 10: Run with the Vision
Chapter 11: Never Two Senior Pastors
Chapter 12: The Hearts of God’s People Must Turn
Chapter 13: Charting the Course for a Son
Chapter 14: Charting the Course for a Non-son
Chapter 15: Time Recommendations
Chapter 16: Why Set Dates?
Chapter 17: The Church Father
Chapter 18: Future Financial Support of the Church Father
Chapter 19: The Church Father’s Ongoing Involvement
Chapter 20: Father-Son Relationship
Chapter 21: The Posture and Role of the Church Father
Chapter 22: The Church Father Makes His Son a Success
Chapter 23: When the Church Father Must Intervene
Chapter 24: Life Springs from Death
Chapter 25: Following in the Footsteps of a Father
Chapter 26: True Legacy of a Church Father
Chapter 27: Understanding and Accepting Changes
Chapter 28: Changes that Hurt
Chapter 29: Worst-Case Scenario
Chapter 30: Communicate Clearly and Concretely

About the Author:
After pastoring a church in the Northwest, Harold R. Eberle embarked on a worldwide traveling ministry. Over the course of 38 plus years of ministry, Dr. Eberle has helped build a dozen Bible colleges in other nations, authored more than 25 books, and distinguished himself internationally as a dynamic and well-informed teacher.
Currently, Dr. Eberle travels with Linda, his wife of 39 plus years, ministering at churches, Bible colleges, seminaries, and leadership conferences. They host a daily tv program directed toward Muslim-dominated areas of the world. They also make regular missionary trips into the associated countries.
Harold and Linda live in Yakima, Washington where they raised their three children who are now grown. Yakima serves as home base and headquarters for their work, Worldcast Ministries and Publishing.