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Kingdom Finances
Kingdom Finances by Hector Ramos

Price: $13.99
Author: Hector Ramos
Format: Paperback
Length: 120 Pages
Published: 2022

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Have you ever wondered what God requires His people to sacrifice to Him? In Kingdom Finances, you will discover the different perspectives on giving as presented in the Bible. If you received this book prayerfully, God will transform the way you think and feel about finances and experience a breakthrough in your life. Kingdom Finances offers an approach to help you understand God’s plans and His provision to fulfill those plans while you enjoy His life and bring others into His salvation and blessings.

In Kingdom Finances, you will find principles of giving so you can start giving to God in everything you do in obedience to His Word. This is a faith-building book to help you build on the rock. God will challenge you to leave certain things behind to enable you to grab hold of His harvest and spiritual fruit. Radical faith requires radical sacrifice and Kingdom Finances will help you follow that path.

Table of Contents:
Section 1: The Heart and Mind of the Sower
Chapter 1: Kingdom of God
Chapter 2: Will of God
Chapter 3: Trust in God
Chapter 4: Faith: A Life Built by God
Chapter 5: Thanksgiving
Chapter 6: Joy
Chapter 7: Contentment
Chapter 8: Righteousness
Chapter 9: Fear of the Lord and Tithing
Chapter 10: The Power of Sacrifice
Chapter 11: A Unified Sacrifice Will Bring the Harvest

Section 2: Unique Figures in the Kingdom’s Purpose: Learning from the Best
Chapter 12: Abraham
Chapter 13: Joseph
Chapter 14: Moses
Chapter 15: Daniel
Chapter 16: Paul

Section 3: Essential Aspects of Kingdom Discovery
Chapter 17: Love of God
Chapter 18: Revelation of Christ as the Son of God
Chapter 19: Revelation of the Father
Chapter 20: Revelation of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 21: Revelation of the Church
Chapter 22: Eternal Rewards
Chapter 23: Conclusion
Chapter 24: Next Steps