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Kingdom Discipleship
Kingdom Discipleship by Greg Crawford

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Author: Greg Crawford
Subtitle: Changing the Culture of the Church
Format: Paperback
Length: 341 Pages
Published: 2013

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For the sake of being relevant and culturally acceptable, we have compromised our original culture as the Church and actually become irrelevant. We have moved from a Church in America that once affected culture and maintained its morality to becoming a group who claims relevance but actually has little to offer and is largely ridiculed and/or ignored. We have become a subculture within a culture that has no voice.

Without a cultural shift in how we disciple people in their relationship with Christ, we will continue to produce what we currently have as weak believers, a few disciples and few true authentic Christians. The question is: why are we still doing what we know produces no results? Why are we building so laboriously what the next generation does not want to inherit?

For those who are willing to embrace this, they will see how Kingdom discipling is the catalyst for long-term cultural change. May you read with an open mind and allow the Holy Spirit to give you the Spirit of understanding to embrace apostolic grace and Kingdom dynamics.

Table of Contents:


Reformation of the Culture of the Church

The Curses Upon the Church Stopping Awakening

The Orphaned Spirit in Culture

Spiritual Fathering

Spiritual Community

Kingdom Community

Wise Master Builder

Towards a More Excellent Way

Community of Honor

The Corporate Man

Apostolic Grace Forming Community

Kingdom Discipling

Kingdom Discipleship to New Believers

Kingdom Discipleship – Disciples

Discipleship – Christian

Covenantal Commitments

New Language for New Definitions

Leadership Principles that Create Kingdom Discipling

About the Author:

Greg Crawford has been active in ministry for over 30 years serving in almost every type of leadership role. He is the founder of Jubilee International Ministries, encompassing a network of international schools of ministry, an online school, a network of ordained ministers, and currently The BASE, an apostolic kingdom center in the capital city. He has traveled internationally, is a spiritual father to many and has a desire to see the next generation spiritually excel. He has labored to see the Kingdom expression of reformation and awakening come by traveling and speaking in Iowa and the United States to help bring this into existence. He is best known for his revelatory teaching style and has a unique and powerful ministry of laying on of hands for impartation. He carries a deep message that releases the breath of God to confront the hearts of believers.