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Killing the Planet
Killing the Planet by Rodney Howard-Browne

Price: $26.95
Author: Rodney Howard-Browne and Paul Williams
Subtitle: How a Financial Cartel Doomed Mankind
Format: Hardcover
Length: 462 Pages
Published: 2019

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Killing the Planet details how a Machiavellian family gained control not only over the global energy supply but also of the world’s systems of politics, finance, religion, education, and food production. Eventually, this family would join forces with international bankers and industrialist to create a cartel that would possess the power not only to manufacture the news but also the weather. The ultimate goal of the cartel was dominion over all aspects of life on planet earth. It was a goal that they achieved by the creation of wars, financial catastrophes, environmental nightmares, and a massive web of deception.

In meticulous detail, this book presents not conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. It begins with the story of a snake oil salesman and ends with the rise of the Antichrist. It contains no statement that is not supported by impeccable documentation. Killing the Planet comes with a warning. It is not for the faint of heart. It contains explosive facts that have never before been brought to light. The contents of these ages will enrage you. And they will forever alter your perception of reality and the plight of mankind.

Table of Contents:
A Message to the Reader
Prologue: African Genesis
Part 1: The Cartel
Chapter 1: Snake Oil
Chapter 2: The Oil War
Chapter 3: The Gathering Storm
Chapter 4: the Pilgrim
Chapter 5: The Octopus

Part 2: The Rise to Power
Chapter 6: The Plutocrat
Chapter 7: The Rout
Chapter 8: The Expedition
Chapter 9: The Vampires
Chapter 10: The Great War

Part 3: The Economic Enslavement
Chapter 11: The Clubhouse
Chapter 12: Hard Times
Chapter 13: The Theft
Chapter 14: The Behemoth
Chapter 15: The Traitors

Part 4: The Global Network
Chapter 16: Mordor
Chapter 17: Twins of Evil
Chapter 18: Unholy Ghost
Chapter 19: Lucifer’s Lair

Part 5: The Dogs of War
Chapter 20: Judicial Tyranny
Chapter 21: The End of Liberty
Chapter 22: The Road to Perdition
Chapter 23: False Flags Unfurled
Chapter 24: Killing Hippocrates
Chapter 25: Killing Truth
Chapter 26: Killing Undesirables
Chapter 27: Killing Innocence
Chapter 28: Killing Mother Earth
Chapter 29: Killing the Climate
Chapter 30: Killing Rational Though
Chapter 31: A Dirge
Epilogue: In Conclusion

About the Authors:
Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and his wife, Adonica, are the founders of Revival Ministries International, The River at Tampa Bay Church, and River University in Tampa, Florida. They travel about 46 weeks of the year, holding weekly meetings in cities across North America and in 78 nations worldwide. Their commission is to win the lost and to awaken the Church to fulfill the Great Commission. On December 1, 1996, Drs. Rodney and Adonica founded the River at Tampa Bay Church, a multi-racial church representing a cross-section of society from rich to poor, from all nations, and bringing people to a place of maturity in their Christian walk.

Paul Williams is a journalist and the author of 15 books. He is the winner of three first-place Keystone Press Awards and has written articles for major news outlets. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophical theology from Drew University and has served as a consultant on organized crime and international terrorism for the FBI and as an adjunct professor of theology, humanities, and philosophy.