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Keturah Revealed
Keturah Revealed by Venessa Battle

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Author: Venessa Battle
Subtitle: Discovering Your Jewish Roots
Format: Paperback
Length: 191 Pages
Published: 2013

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Keturah Revealed is a NOW word for the Body of Christ to perceive how the Lord positions the peoples of the earth to establish His Kingdom plans. Most people would read their Bible and miss the importance of Abraham’s third wife, Keturah. Venessa Battle has woven revelation from the Word of God to lift up a standard that will cause us to see Abraham and all the nations more clearly. Understanding the origin of Keturah and what is known of her sons could change America and the course of other nations in the world. Keturah Revealed is a book that will bring healing, reconciliation and restoration. This book will create dignity and righteousness and cause an identity of a people that have been submerged through many cultures to come alive. This book will also change our understanding of the Word, as well as release prophetic destiny in our African and African American brothers and sisters. I believe this is an hour when the Lord has positioned an open door before Black America. This book will help unlock the calling of a people for such a time as this.
Chuck Pierce, President, Global Spheres, Glory of Zion, Intl.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: God’s Order
Chapter 2: Where did It All Begin
Chapter 3: The Promised Son Isaac
Chapter 4: Who Were Keturah and Her Sons
Chapter 5: Spirit of Amalekite
Chapter 6: Spiritual Identity Theft
Chapter 7: An Orphan Spirit
Chapter 8: God’s Healing and Restoration
Chapter 9: Prophetic Words
Chapter 10: My Commissioning
Chapter 11: Breaking Curses
Chapter 12: The Ministry of Reconciliation
Chapter 13: Embracing Our Jewish Inheritance
Appendix 1: Apologies
Appendix 2: Economics of Slavery
Appendix 3: African American Curses

About the Author:
Dr. Venessa Battle, senior pastor and apostle of New Gate International Church, Inc., located in Duluth, Georgia, has been the featured speaker at prayer conferences, retreats, advances, seminars, and revivals. She has hosted a radio talk show, made international and national TV appearances. She has ministered internationally in over 25 countries. She is the president of Kingdom Culture Ministries and the Spiritual Rights Movement, a movement dedicated to helping African Americans and Hispanic take their rightful place in God’s Kingdom. She is the national and international multi-cultural affairs leader for the Heartland Apostolic Affairs Network. She is the national chancellor for Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute and has been instrumental in helping leaders reach their God given destinies through education.