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Junia Arise
Junia Arise by Axel Sippach

Price: $21.99
Author: Axel Sippach
Subtitle: Apostolic Women on the Frontlines
Format: 8.5" x 11" Paperback
Length: 306 Pages
Published: 2017

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Her name is Junia. She was an apostle. And Paul the Apostle calls her outstanding among the apostles in Romans 16:7. But a centuries-old dark conspiracy changed her name to Junias – a man’s name. she was meant to be hidden forever, buried under the deceptive lies forged by religious misogynist hat would seek to eradicate her memory from the pages of Holy Scripture and early church history. But recent “truth seekers” among highly-respected academics and theologians over the past 20 or more years have resurrected her from the ashes of tis deception to shine the light on the reputation of this incredible woman of God – Junia the Apostle.

Junia Arise: Apostolic Women on the Frontlines is an anthology of 48 writers who have collaborated together with Apostle Axel Sippach to contribute a chapter each, highlighting an amazing woman in Scripture or church history that did tremendous things for God’s Kingdom in spite of challenges, including the challenge of being a woman called, chosen, and anointed of God. This book will inspire, empower, and motivate you to be and do all God has called you to. Many of you may have felt hidden, buried, and forgotten like Junia, but God is raising you up and taking you from a place of obscurity to a place where you arise and shine because now your light has come.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Junia the Apostle: She’s a Game Changer – Axel Sippach
Chapter 2: The Deborah Effect: Character Traits of Israel’s Mother, Judge, Prophetess, and General – Axel Sippach
Chapter 3: Girl – Get Up! The Story of Tabitha AKA Dorcas Influencer on the Mt. of Business – Axel Sippach
Chapter 4: The Story of Mary Smith: Rebel with a Cause! – Axel Sippach
Chapter 5: The Incredible Daughters of Zelophehad: God said, “They Right About It, Moses” – Axel Sippach
Chapter 6: Kingdom Financiers: Women Who Fueled and Funded the Frontlines of Jesus’ Ministry – Dr. Yolanda Powell
Chapter 7: Priscilla and Aquila: One in Spirit and Apostolic Authority – Nicole Davis
Chapter 8: Prophetess Deborah: Women Inspiring Women – Deborah Sheppard
Chapter 9: Modern Day Esther’s Come Forth: Apostolic Governmental Lionesses Emerge – Michelle Brown-McKoy
Chapter 10: Colliding with Destiny: The Rise of Women Apostles in God’s Army – Thapelo Kgabage
Chapter 11: Arise, Modern-Day Deborah: Becoming a Powerful Woman of Influence in the 21st Century – Cherie Banks
Chapter 12: Jehosheba: Dare to Be Different – Anita McCoy
Chapter 13: The P.O.W.E.R. of Hannah – Shelby Frederick
Chapter 14: Dr. Lena Mae Johnson McLin: The Half-Pint Apostle – Michelle Thomas
Chapter 15: Mary Magdalene: The Watchman, Woman, and Wonder – Ladonna Jackson
Chapter 16: The Barren Woman: An Apostolic Reformer - Is She a Catalyst for the Next Great Move of God? – Jackie Betty
Chapter 17: I am That Girl: I am the Voice of One! – Cassandra McKissack
Chapter 18: The Samaritan Woman: The Unnamed City Shaker – Carla Louis-Wallace
Chapter 19: Rahab: Rejected by Man, But Chosen by God – Connie Strickland
Chapter 20: The Birthing of Nations Against Religious Strongholds – Deborah L. Anderson
Chapter 21: From Housewife to other of a Movement Phoebe Palmer – Kenna O’Flannigan
Chapter 22: Deborah: A Prophetic General – Kierra Douglas and Donita Gordon
Chapter 23: Miriam: An Oracular Apostolic Prototype for the 21st Century and Beyond – Cecilia Davis-Jackson
Chapter 24: Rahab: A Woman of Apostolic Boldness – Jeannette Connell
Chapter 25: Miriam: The Heart of a Prophetess – Josiah Lane
Chapter 26: Apostolic Widow Stats an Oil Business – Michelle J. Miller
Chapter 27: The Daughters of Zelophehad: The Five Women Who Challenged the Status Quo – Loria Morrison
Chapter 28: The Truth About Mary Magdalene – Adrienne Sumler
Chapter 29: Miriam: A Woman of Great Resilience and Power – Jacqueline Simmons
Chapter 30: Rachel: A Marketplace apostolic Leader – Uloma Chinwe Obi
Chapter 31: Judith: Menorah of Light – Karen Williams
Chapter 32: Jochebed “Yahweh is Glorious” – Crystal Billingsley
Chapter 33: Mother Teresa: Submission to the Call – Robinette Cross
Chapter 34: Mary Magdalene: Have You Considered the Cost? – Bessie Foster
Chapter 35: Maria Woodworth Etter: Grandmother of the Pentecostal Movement - Alandis Porter
Chapter 36: Apostle Mom: Dr. Annie B. Campbell-Pitre – Cynthia Bolden Gardner
Chapter 37: From Demon Possessed to Apostle – Joyce Stevens
Chapter 38: Harriet Tubman: An Apostolic Pioneer – Apostle Paula R. Hines, D.D.
Chapter 39: The Making of An Apostolic Queen – Bonnie Scott
Chapter 40: Lydia: The Woman of Purple – Shevon White-Sampson
Chapter 41: Deborah: An Apostolic Prototype – Noreen Henry
Chapter 42: Call Me Abby – Queen of Israel – Jessica R. Jackson
Chapter 43: Maria Woodworth-Etter: Manifested Power of God – Donna Anderson
Chapter 44: Mary’s Apostolic Assignment – Cheryl Weems
Chapter 45: Mary Magdalene – Apostle of Jesus Christ – Sadira Davis
Chapter 46: The Woman Who Believed in Miracles: An Encounter with Kathryn Kuhlman – LeeChunHwa Stovall
Chapter 47: Hulda – Prophetess and Scholar – Shelley M. Fisher, Ph.D.
Chapter 48: Priscilla: An Esteemed Leader in the Early Church – Valerie Randleman
Chapter 49: The Phebe Anointing for Kingdom Business – Sandra Hill
Chapter 50: Huldah: A Daughter of Royal Excellence – Michelle White
Chapter 51: Sheerah Rises! – Dr. Betty Mitchell
Chapter 52: Harriet Tubman: The Apostolic Freedom Fighter – Yolanda Mosby
Chapter 53: The Extraordinary Life of Gladys Aylward – Terry Ricklefs
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About the Author:
Axel Sippach is the founder and presiding apostle of EPIC Global Network (E7), based near Seattle, Washington. He has traveled over 9 million miles in international apostolic ministry since 1985, ministering in over 90 nations. He has a strong apostolic and prophetic anointing. He is a sought-after national and international conference speaker, along with serving as an apostolic consultant to churches, ministries and leaders. Apostle Sippach resides near Seattle, Washington.