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Judgment on the House of God
Judgment on the House of God by Jeremiah Johnson

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Author: Jeremiah Johnson
Subtitle: Cleansing and Glory are Coming
Format: Paperback
Length: 145 Pages
Published: 2020

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The Bible promises that judgment begins in the house of God. Many people avoid this intense passage in fear of the word “judgment.” As New Covenant believer, we can take comfort that this judgment brings life through a healthy fear of the Lord. Instead of warnings of hellfire and condemnation, this judgment brings a cleansing that will set the stage for the greatest outpouring of glory, prophetic thunder and supernatural power the world has ever seen.

God is simply looking for a people made ready – a house that is compatible with the glory He wants to fill it with!

Jeremiah Johnson is a church planter, pioneer of Maranatha Ministry School, bestselling author and globally recognized prophet. In Judgment on the House of God, Jeremiah presents an impassioned prophetic word that challenges Christians to live without impurity and compromise, not through the bondage of legalism, but through ignited, burning hearts of passion towards the Lord.

Birthed through an angelic visitation, Judgment on the House of God includes revelatory insights on:
  • The Sons of Zadok – how to become one who “ministers before the Lord.”
  • Exposing ministry addiction – the spiritual high of the day.
  • The Spirit of perversion – confronting this demonic stronghold that’s taking out leaders.
  • New Covenant Judgment – what it looks like and how you can tell it’s happening.
  • Addressing the Sins of Eli – exposing compromise, impurity and spiritual mixture.
  • The Spirit of Power of Elijah – the emergence of firebrands and prophetic messengers.

A great and wonderful outpouring is coming. Now is the time to set things in order so that you can be a pure vessel that the power and presence of God can flow through!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Patricia King
Special Introduction by Dr. Michael Brown
Chapter 1: An Angelic Visitation
Chapter 2: The Sons of Zadok
Chapter 3: Exposing Ministry Addition
Chapter 4: A Fresh Call to Intimacy
Chapter 5: New Covenant Judgment
Chapter 6: The Spirit of Perversion
Chapter 7: Addressing the Sins of Eli
Chapter 8: Righteous Mothers Arise!
Chapter 9: The Spirit and Power of Elijah
Chapter 10: Power in the Blood
Chapter 11: Build My House of Prayer


What was your first response when you read the title of this book? The word judgement provokes so many emotions, thoughts, and ideas. In its most simple definition, God’s judgment is His active making of wrong things right. When God judges, He removes all the things that hinder love in our hearts, in our churches, so that He can have greater intimacy and compatibility with us. He longs for greater intimacy with you, and therefore His love will first confront things in us so that He can have His inheritance – a Bride fully in love and fully in unity with His heart and leadership. In this book, you will encounter the jealousy of God in removing everything in us, in the Church, in its leaders, so that He can fully manifest His glory and power. Judgment begins in the house of God, and I believe God is doing this in the Church today so that we can fully partner with all that God is doing in the coming days.
Correy Russell, International speaker and author

About the Author:
Jeremiah Johnson planted and is the overseer of Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, Florida. A gifted teacher, prophet, and author of multiple books, Jeremiah travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad as a conference and guest speaker. He has been a guest on Christian television and radio shows including The Jim Bakker Show, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! and The Line of Fire with Dr. Michael Brown, as well as on networks such as Daystar, TBN, and God TV. Jeremiah is also the founder and director of Maranatha School of Ministry. MSM is a full-time, five-fold ministry training center that equips and sends out end-time messengers. Jeremiah and his wife, Morgan, reside in Florida with their four children.