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Joseph Daniel Calling
Joseph Daniel Calling

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Author: Morris Ruddick
Subtitle: Facilitating the Release of the Wealth of the Wick
Format: Paperback
Length: 137 Pages
Published: 2003

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In the face of political instabilities, economic reversals, fear, and uncertainty, Kingdom opportunities not obvious to the world are quietly on the rise. These Kingdom agendas reflect an interlinking of secular enterprises with overriding ministry objectives.

What is emerging is a move of God in the marketplace that will parallel the rise of the parachurch ministry movement of the early fifties. At the forefront of this movement is a group of men and women of God called in the same way as Joseph and Daniel of the Bible. Modern-day Josephs and Daniels will serve strategically as instruments of Gods purpose in secular positions of influence within seats of power of this world. This book addresses the dynamics of this calling, Gods economy, and the preparation, character, and challenges of these uniquely called Josephs and Daniels. Among other agendas, they will be facilitators of the release of the wealth of the wicked into Kingdom initiatives.

Table of Contents





Chapter 1: A Calling for the Season

Chapter 2: The Kingdom Perspective and Gods Economy

Chapter 3: The Joseph-Daniel Calling

Chapter 4: The Joseph Calling and Authority

Chapter 5: The Joseph Kingdom Role

Chapter 6: Josephs in Times of Change

Chapter 7: Paradigm Shifts and Throne Room Agendas

Chapter 8: New Mind-Sets

Chapter 9: Isaiah 58 and the Wealth Transfer

Chapter 10: The Role of Women and the Wealth Transfer

Chapter 11: The Church Standing with Israel an the Wealth Transfer

Chapter 12: The Restoration of Israel and the Transfer of the Worlds Wealth

Chapter 13: The Counterfeits and the Wealth Transfer

Chapter 14: The Mark of Gods Kingdom Ambassadors

Chapter 15: The Release of the Josephs and Daniels

About the Author

Morris Ruddick is a business executive, consultant, entrepreneur, missionary, intercessor, conference speaker, board member, and writer. He is at the forefront of mobilizing a unique group of anointed marketplace leaders, referred to as modern-day Josephs and Daniels. As head of a market planning consulting firm serving an array of clients from Fortune 500 firms to respected ministries, his expertise includes business planning, forecasting emerging markets, developing business strategies, funding initiatives, modeling entrepreneurial bypass strategies, and applying principles of biblically based businesses. He was chief architect in two successful corporate turnarounds. His ministry activities target strengthening the brethren in locales ranging from Afghanistan to Israel. But the foundation of both his business and ministry activities is his role in leading a global intercession ministry known as SIGN (Strategic Intercession Global Network), which has as its purpose targeting strategic-level issues impacting the Body on a global basis.