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John G Lake Sermons on Dominion over Demons Disease and Death
John G Lake Sermons on Dominion over Demons Disease and Death

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Author: Edited by Gordon Lindsay
Format: Paperback
Length: 182 Pages

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John G. Lake was used greatly by God. Born in Ontario, Canada, March 18, 1870, he moved with his parents to the U.S. in 1886. He was saved about the same time in a Salvation Army meeting. At the age of 21, he was already married and ordained in the Methodist Church.

Lake's early memories of his family's home life were of sickness, death, funerals, and grieving parents. Eight of his 16 brothers and sisters died of various diseases. His first wife died while they were working as missionaries in South Africa. He stayed there for four more years, raising their seven children with the help of his sister. In 1913, he came back to the U.S. exhausted and needing rest.

Later that year, he married Florence Switzer, a stenographer. Sitting in the front pew, she took dictation of his sermons - the reason we have his powerful messages today. However, she also became sick and was on the verge of dying. Lake called on a man, John Alexander Dowie, who prayed for Florence, and she was healed. Later, Dowie taught him great things about healing.

From that time on, Lake knew he was called to a healing ministry. Two of his other siblings were healed, and Gordon Lindsay, while staying with him in his home, dying of a fatal case of ptomaine poisoning, also received his healing. Lake's wife gave Gordon some of her husband's sermons to read. Gordon realized that faith was active, not passive, and even thought he was still in pain, he got out of bed. The moment his feet touched the floor, he was healed.

John G. Lake established "Healing Rooms" and trained a team of "Divine Healing Technicians" who were used by God to affect over 100,000 healings from all over the U.S. He also established more than 700 churches in South Africa. Dr. Lake, an honorary title, was bestowed upon him by his congregation because more people were being healed by him than the local doctors. He passed away on September 16, 1935.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: How God Sent Me to Africa

Chapter 2: Dominion of a Christian

Chapter 3: The Value of a Covenant With God

Chapter 4: Not Try, But Trust

Chapter 5: Specific and Definite Grounds for Healing

Chapter 6: Hezekiah's Sickness and Healing

Chapter 7: The Tangibility of the Spirit

Chapter 8: Naaman and the Man of God

Chapter 9: Consecration, Testing, Power, and Victory

Chapter 10: The Brazen Serpent

Chapter 11: The Grace of Divine Healing

Chapter 12: The Law of Life and Law of Death

Chapter 13: The Integrity of God's People

Chapter 14: These Signs Shall Follow

Chapter 15: Lake's Reply to Four Questions Concerning Healing