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Joel 2 Generation
Joel 2 Generation by Jordan and Georgia Wells

Price: $12.99
Author: Jordan and Georgia Wells
Subtitle: Awaken the Revivalist Within
Format: Paperback
Length: 119 Pages
Published: 2017

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How will you answer the call? God is calling all spiritual soldiers, and now is the time to respond. He wants you to join a new Holy Spirit-empowered army – Joel’s army.

In The Joel 2 Generation by Jordan and Georgia Wells, you will be awakened to walk in the fullness of the revivalist you were created to be. Prepare to launch into a new realm of the miraculous that will ignite cities and nations.

This book will equip Christ followers to:
  • Be empowered in the Holy Spirit through impartation and activation
  • Be propelled into the final harvest through prophetic decrees
  • Hear God’s call into the Joel 2 End-Time army

The Joel 2 Generation is your prophetic recruitment papers into the last great movement of God that will fill the earth with God’s glory.

Table of Contents:
Understanding Authentic Revival
Part 1: Old Testament Revivalists
Chapter 1: Abraham: The Conversion Encounter
Chapter 2: Moses: The First Deliverance Ministry
Chapter 3: Joshua: The Power of Impartation
Chapter 4: Judges: The Cycle of Disobedience
Chapter 5: King Asa: Obedience to the Prophetic Word
Chapter 6: Josiah: Age Is Nothing but a Number
Chapter 7: Jonah: You Can Run but You Can’t Hide
Chapter 8: Ezra: Revelation Leads to Reformation

Part 2: The Dawn of a New Era: Church Age Revivalists
Chapter 9: Jesus, Thy Kingdom Come
Chapter 10: The Revival That Changed the World
Chapter 11: The Restoration of Grace
Chapter 12: Hellfire and Brimstone
Chapter 13: The Enemy’s Assault Against the Zealous
Chapter 14: The Rebirth of Pentecost
Chapter 15: Divine Healing
Chapter 16: Worship Him!
Chapter 17: The Power That Unites All Denominations
Chapter 18: Strange Manifestations

Part 3: The Joel 2 Generations: The Next Revivalists
Chapter 19: What Is the Joel 2 Generation?
Chapter 20: The Hidden Ones of Joel 2
Chapter 21: Joel’s Army
Chapter 22: Joel 2 Basic Training
Chapter 23: Prophecies of the Joel 2 Generation
Chapter 24: Releasing Joel 2 Through Prayer and Fasting
Chapter 25: The Generation That Will Fulfill Joel 2
Chapter 26: Marked by Love
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Now in our time, a great cloud of witnesses is rising up to proclaim the favorable day of the Lord once again. In The Joel 2 Generation, Jordan and Georgia Wells share their vision and insights into the last great revival of God. They reveal His heart for mankind and how He intends to accomplish this great work. I recommend you read and savor their book and allow God to use you in His last great movement. You will be blessed!
Joan Hunter, Author President and Founder of Joan Hunter Ministries

In their new book, Jordan and Georgia Wells capture the heartbeat of what the Father is up to in the hour: awakening the Bride and releasing a historical wave of revival that brings a harvest unlike any that have ever been seen in the earth. This simple beautiful book takes us on both a Biblical journey of past revivals alongside historical revivals after Pentecost up through modern times. I personally see this book like lighter fluid ready to be doused on fiery hearts that will cause us to burn even brighter. Both the content, the prophetic decrees, and prayers of impartation unlock revival keys to the hungry.
Marvin Adams, Executive Director of IHOPE, Indiana House of Prayer & Equipping

About the Authors:
Jordan and Georgia Wells are the founders of Final Harvest International. Jordan is a prophetic writer and apostolic leader with a heart to see revival and heaven invading earth. Georgia is an anointed evangelist, worship leader, powerful intercessor and prophetic writer.