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Jesus and the Jihadis
Jesus and the Jihadis by Craig Evans and Jeremiah Johnston

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Author: Craig Evans and Jeremiah Johnston
Subtitle: Confronting the Rage of Isis: The Theology Driving the Idiology
Format: Paperback
Length: 171 Pages
Published: 2015

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The key to defeating ISIS’ terrorist campaign is biblically understanding its theology.

“We do not understand the movement . . . and until we do, we are not going to defeat it.” – Major General Michael K. Nagata, Special Operations/Middle East

Two leading biblical scholars present Jesus and the Jihadis, your go-to-guide for understanding ISIS’ distorted theology and answering your questions about Islam and Muhammad.

You will be informed on how ISIS’ terrorist acts and persecution impact your life and faith today. You will also be encouraged as you read inspiring stories of former Muslims who traded the Jihad for Jesus.

Get eye-opening answers to questions like:

  • How is ISIS using social media terrorism to target our kids?
  • Why did Islam have 200 million more converts than Christianity in the 20th century and how does this impact our century?
  • What’s so important about the land of Israel?
  • How can we make a difference when there are 10-year-old Muslim children memorizing the Qur’an and most Christians don’t even know their Bibles?

Millions are asking Why the hate? Why the persecution? Why the murder? Find the answer by tracing the origins of ISIS’ radical theology and learning why these acts of terrorism are happening, what they mean, and where they are taking us.

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Americans Love Chick-fil-A; ISIS Loves Death

Chapter 2: The Exodus and the Conquest

Chapter 3: A Person of Interest

Chapter 4: The Dead Rise

Chapter 5: What about One’s Enemies?

Chapter 6: Hijacking Jesus

Chapter 7: The Qur’an vs. the Gospels

Chapter 8: From California to the Caliphate

Chapter 9: Trending Terrorism #ISIS

Chapter 10: The ISIS Endgame

Chapter 11: Reforming Islam, the Cult of Death

Chapter 12: Crimes Against Humanity

Conclusion: To Defend Against Muhammad’s Faith, Even If You Are Unable to Defend Yourself Against His Sword

Special Report: The Islamic State as a Military Actor by Harry R. Gorham

About the Authors:

Dr. Craig A. Evans received his Ph.D. (1983) in New Testament from Claremont Graduate University. Evans appears regularly in various specials on the History Channel, History Television, Discovery Channel, Day of Discovery, National Geographic Channel, BBC, and NBC Dateline. Professor Evans lives in Kentville, Nova Scotia, with his wife, Ginny; they have two grown daughters and a grandson.

Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston is a New Testament scholar, teacher, apologist, and speaker. Dr. Johnston completed his doctoral residency in Oxford in partnership with Oxford Centre for Christian Studies and received his Ph.D. from Middlesex University (United Kingdom) with commendation. Dr. Johnston currently serves as the founder and president of Christian Thinkers Society, a resident institute at Houston Baptist University where he also serves as an associate professor in the School of Christian Thought.