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Invisible Enemies
Invisible Enemies by Jim Croft

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Author: Jim Croft
Subtitle: How to Recognize and Defeat Demons
Format: Paperback
Length: 239 Pages
Published: 2011

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Our culture is fascinated by the dark side of the supernatural, exploring it through television, novels, videogames and movies. Most Christians dismiss this darkness as Hollywood fiction. It isnt.

Are you often sick? Do you have bad habits you cannot break? Is your life littered with broken relationships? Problems like these indicate that you might be under demonic assault. But take heart help and freedom are within your grasp.

Jim Croft, protg of Derek Prince, has more than four decades of deliverance experience. With riveting transparency, he relates his own journey out of demonic oppression, while laying out real life testimonies, solid biblical teaching and the steps to true deliverance.

He also answers hard questions, including:

  • Why do demons exist?
  • Are demons at the root of all sinful behavior?
  • How do demons enter people and display their presence?
  • What is the difference between demonic harassment and possession?
  • What is deliverance ministry and who can do it?
  • Why do Christians need deliverance from demons if they have the Holy Spirit?
Dont let you invisible enemies have the upper hand any longer. Learn how to defeat them and walk in freedom.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dick Leggatt, Dir. Derek Prince Ministries



Part 1: Facing Reality

Chapter 1: The Truth about Deliverance

Chapter 2: Transforming Encounters

Chapter 3: Proved Wrong, and Glad of It

Chapter 4: Early Attempts at Deliverance

Chapter 5: Learning about Satans Kingdom

Chapter 6: The Christian Dilemma

Chapter 7: Jesus and the Exorcists

Chapter 8: Initial Steps to Freedom

Chapter 9: Self-Deliverance

Part 2: The Next Step Toward Freedom

Chapter 10: Biblical Truth and Human Understanding

Chapter 11: Separating Ministry Chaff from Wheat

Chapter 12: Deliverance in Conjunction with Other Biblical Practices

Part 3: Deeper into Deliverance

Chapter 13: Obliterating Demonic Strongholds in Your Mind

Chapter 14: Dealing with Denouncements and Vows

Chapter 15: Manipulation and Soul Ties

Chapter 16: Breaking the Power of Sex Perversions

Chapter 17: Dealing with Spirits of Infirmity

Chapter 18: Expelling Home-Wrecking Demons

Chapter 19: Deliverance from the Powers of Iniquity

Chapter 20: Battling Spirits of Antichrist

Chapter 21: Guidelines for Helping Others

Epilogue: The Challenge of Commitment

Appendix: Ministry Resource Guide


About the Author

Jim Croft has ministered deliverance for more than forty years and has served on the board of Derek Prince Ministries since its inception in 1975. He is the pastor of Gold Coast Christian Church in Boca Raton, Florida, where he and his wife, Prudence, live.