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In Holy Fear
In Holy Fear by Alistair Petrie

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Author: Alistair Petrie
Subtitle: Rediscovering the Fear of the Lord
Format: Paperback
Length: 112 Pages
Published: 2014

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The Bible proclaims “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”, therefore understanding this is key to realizing God’s purpose in life.

In Holy Fear gives clear, challenging definitions of the fear of God and the balance between love and fear. The benefits include intimacy with God, change in communities and cities, redeeming the land and a spiritual walk that accesses an entire new level.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Ruth Ruibal
Foreword by Peter Horrobin
Chapter 1: A Time for Vigilance
Chapter 2: The Fear of Man is a Snare
Chapter 3: Ministering in the Power of the Opposite Spirit
Chapter 4: Releasing the Fear of the Lord in Our Midst
Chapter 5: Praying the Fear of the Lord – Benefits and Breakthroughs
Chapter 6: Arise, O Lord God, and Come to Your Resting Place


The Bible has plenty to say about the fear of the Lord ad it’s vital that we take heed of these truths in this critical hour where many are compromising God’s Word.
In this timely book, Alistair Petrie opens our eyes to the benefits of operating in the fear of the Lord, how the fear of man will hold you back from your destiny, how to pray in the opposite spirit to that of your persecutors and so much more. Seasoned Christians and new believers alike need to grab hold of the revelation in this book!
Jennifer LeClaire, Senior Editor, Charisma magazine; Director, Awakening House of Prayer

I strongly recommend this book, because of the seriousness and urgency of the days in which we live. The fear of the Lord needs to take fresh priority in our teaching and ministry. Alistair’s insights into moving in the power of the opposite spirit, and positioning our hearts to receive from God, and aligning our thoughts to God’s thoughts, are like a personal wake up call.
This book is for every believer who is willing to receive teaching and instruction into how critical it is to know and to apply these deep truths of releasing the fear of the Lord fully in our lives.
Jill Southern-Jones, Centre Director, Ellel Ministries Pierreport UK

About the Author:

Alistair Petrie travels extensively to many nations researching and teaching principles of transformation in both church and city settings as well as in the marketplace arena. Along with being an international speaker, he is the author of several books and along with his ministry team, has produced several informative DVD teachings on the subject of transformation. He is married to Marie and along with their two sons, Mike and Richard, their entire family serve the wider church and the marketplace in the global arena.