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Immersed In Him
Immersed In Him by Emerson Ferrell

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Author: Emerson Ferrell
Format: Paperback
Length: 202 Pages
Published: 2010

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Imagine yourself completely free from fear, disease and death. Now ask yourself, would your life be any different today if that imagination was the truth? What if this book ripped away the veil of darkness hiding that reality from you? This book will not only tear away the cloak, but also shatter the lies many have believed for centuries. It will do so in breath taking visions describing the power in Christ.

Immersed in Him will astound and challenge the way you think and respond to perceptions, which are totally unreal. The power of the enemy is to capture our thoughts and focus them on our past or future. Once you understand that strategy you will be vigilant not to trust images in your mind or feelings in your body.

You will discover the true meaning of The Living Water and the profound truths hidden in baptism. Sin, sickness and disease are the spiritual and physical condition of those who drink from the wrong water source.

This book will impart amazing revelations that will change sickness to health and death to life. Heaven is open today to those who know the truth beyond the clichs and church language confessed without results. Christ consciousness is knowing without learning.

You were designed to be an overcomer, not to be overcome. Nothing is impossible to those who drink from Him and become immersed in Him.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Revelation of Genesis

Chapter 2: Adams Consciousness

Chapter 3: The Second Adam

Chapter 4: The Reformation of Baptism

Chapter 5: That Day is Now

Final Thoughts

About the Author

Emerson Ferrell currently ministers with his wife, Ana Mndez Ferrell. Together they train thousands of people on the reality of the spiritual realm and its power over the physical circumstances.

Emerson is the author of Supernatural Believing and Becoming the Masters Key as well as a profound worshipper and gifted artist. The Lord uses him in the prophetic to set captives free and establish Gods Kingdom throughout the world.