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Image by Allison Bown

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Author: Allison Bown
Subtitle: Experience Your Life from God's Perspective
Format: Paperback
Length: 159 Pages
Published: 2018

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When God looks at you, what is the image that He sees? And how can we see ourselves the way He does?

Our lives are God’s masterpiece – and He deeply enjoys the process of relational development in us that reveals it. He is passionate for us to perceive clearly the beautiful and powerful image of our true identity in Christ that is already his reality.

But far too often, we’ve settled for a less valuable, inauthentic copy of the life we thin God is asking of us. Difficult experiences, poor histories and a host of other negatives have defined us in ways that are not an accurate image of what God sees when He looks at you.

For many years, Allison Bown and Graham Cooke have partnered together in exploring this lifestyle, teaching and training people in their true identity in Christ – seeing astonishing, lasting transformation. In The Image, Allison translates these discoveries, along with her own experience and wisdom, into writing that will allow you to have a greater encounter of life from God’s perspective.

A guidebook is included to allow you to convert what you’re reading into everyday life with God. You’ll discover your Identity Statement and how it can keep you anchored into The Image of you that makes God smile every time He looks at you.

Is there a higher perspective of God’s true identity and yours hat you’ve yet to see?

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Graham Cooke
Prologue: The Image
Part 1: The Image
Introduction: The Man in the Mirror
Chapter 1: Our Primary Identity
Chapter 2: Overcoming Our Deepest Fear
Chapter 3: Doors of Opportunity of Offense
Chapter 4: Upgrading Our Identity Software
Chapter 5: Freedom from Doing It All
Chapter 6: The Currency of identity
Epilogue: Who Do You Want to Become?

Part 2: Guidebook: The Image
Introduction to The Image Guidebook
Exploring Chapters 1 through 6
Our Primary Identity
Overcoming Our Deepest Fear
Doors of Opportunity and Offense
Upgrading Our Identity Software
Freedom from Doing It All
The Currency of Identity
Introduction to Identity Clues:
Identity Clues – Inheritance Words
Identity Clues – Gods Words to You
Identity Clues – The Power of Pictures
Identity Clues – Who Are Your Heroes?
Identity Clues – Ideas from Fellow Statements
Creating, Writing, and Using Identity Statements
Who Does God Say That You Are?
Evidences of Transformation
Additional Resources
End Notes


Allison is a joyful mix of thinker and pragmatist – processing the deeper revelations of Christ and yet not satisfied to leave them standing alone in the cold. Using story, depth of thought and invitation, she challenges our Kingdom journey into new adventures, providing needed tools to reach our destination. A must-read book for moving your identity into action, fulfilling all the Father has for you.
Byron Easterling, Build His House Ministries

About the Author:
Allison Bown is a joyful catalyst for people to encounter the passion God has for them and their relational transformation, into the image God sees. As a writer, strategist and teacher/trainer on Brilliant TV, Allison has worked in a variety of roles over the past decade in creative partnership with Graham Cooks. She is also the author of The Image and continues to develop innovative ways for people to discover what’s possible in Jesus.