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I Give You Authority Revised
I Give You Authority Revised by Charles Kraft

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Author: Charles Kraft
Subtitle: Practicing the Authority Jesus Gave Us
Format: Paperback
Length: 346 Pages
Published: 1997/2012

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After His resurrection, Jesus did the most amazing thing: He passed His own authority on to His followers. To you. Right now you possess the same authority as Jesus. Authority to drive demons from people, to heal the sick, to claim protection from harm and harassment.

You carry an amazing amount of Holy Spirit power. With incredible insight, respected scholar and teacher Dr. Charles Kraft helps awaken you to the extraordinary authority you have been given through the Holy Spirit the same Spirit who empowered Jesus.

Do you know how to wield it? He will show you how to exercise and release this authority properly and wisely into and over all areas of life both your own and others.

You can transform and free lives from the oppressing power of Satan. We are at war, but we have the authority and power of Jesus to wage it. Fight with confidence and assurance, knowing that whatever the powers of darkness can muster, you can defeat them.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Gods Authority Challenged

Chapter 2: Jesus Credit Card

Chapter 3: Our Authority under Jesus

Chapter 4: What Is This Authority?

Chapter 5: Power Wrapped in Love

Chapter 6: Using Our Authority Responsibly

Chapter 7: More on Using Authority

Chapter 8: Rules for Authority in the Spirit Realm

Chapter 9: Authority Relationships

Chapter 10: Authority in Our Personal Lives

Chapter 11: Past, Present and Future

Chapter 12: Authority in Families

Chapter 13: More on Family

Chapter 14: Authority in Ministering to Others

Chapter 15: Authority to Heal

Chapter 16: Authority in Churches

Chapter 17: Commitment

Chapter 18: Our Authority Is Great


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I Give You Authority is a remarkable book on a subject tackled in a scripturally trustworthy manner. We have been in healing prayer ministry for over forty years, and in reading this book, we were challenged to grow in acceptance of spiritual authority in our own lives.

Francis and Judith MacNutt, Christian Healing Ministries

It has been my experience that most Christians in the Western world live in either fear or ignorance about how to engage in spiritual warfare, and thereby give Satan an incalculable advantage over the people of God. In this book, Charles Kraft shares from his years of experience and his ministry with thousands of people as he demonstrates the incredible power and authority that has been given to all believers. This is a must-read for all believers.

Doug Hayward, Ph.D., professor of intercultural studies, Biola University

About the Author

Charles Kraft, Ph.D., the president of Deep Healing Ministries, taught for forty years at the School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary. The author of thirty books, including Two Hours to Freedom, Dr. Kraft conducts seminars around the world. He and his wife, Meg, live in South Pasadena, California.