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Hidden Man
Hidden Man by E. W. Kenyon

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Author: E. W. Kenyon
Subtitle: An Unveiling of the Subconscious Mind
Format: Paperback
Length: 223 Pages
Published: 2012

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“But let it be the hidden man of the heart.” 1 Peter 3:4

Here we are given a title for the recreated human spirit. It is called “the hidden man of the heart.” It is a remarkable fact that God deals with the inward man instead of the outer man. Spiritual things are unveiled to this hidden man of the heart.

The secret of the divine life is to learn how to live in the spirit realm, how to have one’s lamp filled with the oil of heaven. The only way to know God and the Lord Jesus Christ is through the spirit. God imparts His messages to your spirit.

Until your spirit gains the mastery over your senses, your faith will never be strong and vigorous. Faith is a product of your spirit, just as wisdom is a product of your spirit; faith is developed and wisdom is enriched by meditation in the Word of God. It comes by acting on the Word. Every time you act on the Word, faith becomes stronger.

This book is a masterly unveiling of the deeper walk in the Spirit. It will open thrilling new vistas and make the Word a thrilling reality to you. It is of the first importance that the child of God know what he is. Until we recognize what we really are in Christ, we will not know the riches that belong to us, and the abilities that are ours.

Table of Contents:
First Words
Chapter 1: The Hidden Man of the Heart
Chapter 2: The New Self
Chapter 3: Love and Selfishness
Chapter 4: The Spirit of Man
Chapter 5: The Fruits of the Spirit
Chapter 6: Developing Your Spirit Life
Chapter 7: Success and Failure in Our Spirits
Chapter 8: The Creative Ability of the Recreated Spirit
Chapter 9: Some Studies in the Recreated Spirit
Chapter 10: Natural Man’s Faith
Chapter 11: A Study in Faith
Chapter 12: Sin Consciousness
Chapter 13: How Does the Believer Sin?
Chapter 14: God’s Cure for Sin Consciousness
Chapter 15: A Joyful Confession
Chapter 16: Relation of Confession to Wisdom and Success
Chapter 17: How Wisdom Comes
Chapter 18: Exact Knowledge
Chapter 19: What Belongs to Us in Christ
Chapter 20: Counting on the Ability of God in You
Chapter 21: God-Inside-Minded
Chapter 22: A New Class of Men
Chapter 23: Some Characteristics of the Superman
Chapter 24: Can There Be Any Impossibilities to Us in Christ?