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Hearing Gods Voice Made Simple
Hearing Gods Voice Made Simple by Praying Medic

Price: $14.99
Author: Praying Medic
Format: Paperback
Length: 177 Pages
Published: 2015

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Is God really speaking? Yes! And you can learn to hear Him. Today, many are skeptical that God is speaking or that we can know with certainty we’re hearing Him accurately. Hearing God’s Voice Made Simple makes the case that God is speaking and that we can learn to hear Him. As you read this book, you may even discover that God has been speaking to you all along but you simply didn’t know how to hear Him.

With the same straightforward, down-to-earth style used in the best-sellers Divine Healing Made Simple and Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple, Praying Medic teaches about the many ways in which God speaks. You’ll find practical exercises at the end of key chapters to help develop your ability to sense what God is saying to you. Whether you’re skilled at hearing God’s voice, or more of a novice, this book will show you ways of hearing from God that you may not have considered – and you’ll also learn what to do with the things God says.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Is God Speaking?
Chapter 1: My Testimony
Chapter 2: My Sheep Hear My Voice
Chapter 3: Myths and Misconceptions
Chapter 4: God Speaks to Everyone
Chapter 5: Be Still
Chapter 6: Faith and Hearing God’s Voice
Chapter 7: God’s Not So Audible Voice
Chapter 8: Is It God or Is It Me?
Part 2: How God Speaks
Chapter 9: Spiritual Abilities versus Spiritual Gifts
Chapter 10: Visions
Chapter 11: Dreams
Chapter 12: Nature
Chapter 13: Circumstances
Chapter 14: Art
Chapter 15: Film
Chapter 16: Music
Chapter 17: Emotions
Chapter 18: Angels
Chapter 19: Face-to-Face
Part 3: What to Do with What You Hear
Chapter 20: The Gift of Tongues
Chapter 21: The Gift of Prophecy
Chapter 22: Three Gifts from God
Chapter 23: The Greatest of These

About the Author:
Praying Medic is a former atheist who has worked as a paramedic for decades. After having a dramatic encounter where God told him He would use him to heal the sick, he began praying with his patients and with strangers and has seen thousands of them healed. Through dreams, online discussions, and hands-on experience, he has discovered the answers to some of the most common questions people have about the supernatural life. His books have inspired thousands of readers to seek God for themselves.