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Healing Womanhood
Healing Womanhood CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $35.00
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 4 CDs
Published: 2018

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What would exceptional womanhood look like? We live in a world where womanhood is attacked, distorted and dishonored. Often religious institutions are as deadly to womanhood as the secular pundits.

This album proposes several unconventional metrics for what majestic womanhood could look like. It is not easy to become what God designed you to be, when there is practically no support mechanism for that in the culture today.

Hence this album includes a wide variety of tools for the inevitable Do It Yourself project that this becomes.

Hundreds of women (and some husbands) have found this message to bring clarity, dignity, and strategy.

4 CD Set

CD 1: The Centrality of the Issue
1. Culture
2. Journey
3. Spirit
4. Parents
5. Trade
6. Dignity
7. Church
8. Warfare

CD 2: The Desire to be Heard
1. Soul
2. Curse
3. Spirit
4. Mother
5. Wife
6. Protector
7. Nature
8. Music
9. Prayer

CD 3: Restoring Sound
1. Problem
2. Husbands
3. Counselors
4. Yourself
5. Warfare

CD 4: Being Desired
1. Concept
2. Abishag
3. Blockages
4. Husbands
5. Counselors
6. Yourself
7. Prayer
8. Heaven
9. Blessing