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Gods Chaos Candidate
Gods Chaos Candidate by Lance Wallnau

Price: $12.99
Author: Lance Wallnau
Subtitle: Donald J Trump and the American Unraveling
Format: Paperback
Length: 154 Pages
Published: 2016

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Make no mistake, the gnawing concern you have about the future of our nation is not delusional. America is already in turmoil. When Jeb Bush referred to Donald Trump as “the chaos candidate,” he may have been tapping into something more prophetic than he realized. Transformational teacher and thought leader, Dr. Lance Wallnau, provides a timely prophetic blueprint into the state of America and offers a proposed solution that would tip the scales in favor of the nation fulfilling its divine assignment.
  • Be awakened to the state of chaos in America that impacts you and your family – learn how your voice can help shape the future.
  • Discover what America’s “Fourth Crucible” is and how this catalytic moment in history can either make or break the nation.
  • Receive a vision of hope about America’s unfinished assignment – this is your call to both prayer and action.
  • Read about how Donald Trump is a “Cyrus” candidate – a wrecking ball to political correctness.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: America’s Fourth Crucible
Chapter 2: The Campaign Begins
Chapter 3: The Boardroom
Chapter 4: “I’m Not Michael Cohen!”
Chapter 5: “Then I Heard the Words, Common Grace!”
Chapter 6: The Gospel in Black and White
Chapter 7: The convention
Chapter 8: “Lead Us Not into Trumptation . . . “
Chapter 9: The Great American Unraveling
Chapter 10: The Unfinished Assignment
Appendix: Snapshot of the 2016 Republican Party Platform

About the Author:
Known for his prophetic words about how presidential candidate Donald Trump is a “wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness” or how Trump has a “Cyrus” anointing to be a strategic voice in this urgent hour, Dr. Lance Wallnau candidly presents the supernatural story and strategy of Donald Trump being God’s Chaos Candidate.