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God of Wonders
God of Wonders by Brian Guerin

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Author: Brian Guerin
Format: Paperback
Published: 2014

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Get ready to see the voice of God! God speaks to us in many different ways. Some unusual. Some downright otherworldly. And some more common than others. And yet, is it possible for God to speak to you in a way that can be seen with your eyes? He’s been doing it for centuries!

Join Brian Guerin on a life-changing journey to experience the God who speaks through the supernatural – signs, wonders, and miracles.

  • Expect to be overwhelmed by the awe, glory and wonder of God
  • Experience new intimacy with the Holy Spirit that will increase your ability to not only hear God’s voice, but see it
  • Evaluate the difference between genuine and counterfeit miracles
  • Encounter the supernatural power of God like never before
Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the miraculous and come face to face with the God of Wonders!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Signs and Wonders
Chapter 2: Angelic Wonders
Chapter 3: Nature Wonders
Chapter 4: Atmospheric Wonders
Chapter 5: Wonders in the Earth
Chapter 6: Glory Wonders
Chapter 7: The Greatest Sign and Wonder of All – Jesus


I stand in awe of Brian Guerin’s integrity, courage, and unwavering faith to believe God for the supernatural display of His manifest glory in the earth today. In my own life I have witnessed some of the most remarkable signs and wonders – uncommon, unusual, extraordinary works of god – but as the Bible promises, these heavenly manifestations will continue to increase in the last days. As I read God of Wonders, I was fascinated by the intriguing testimonies and glory stories that are contained within the pages of this must-read. Brian has experienced God’s wonders firsthand, and he is ready to share them with you! This highly anointed book is also filled with practical applications and teachings that will enable you to live in this same realm of miraculous demonstration and will be enormously helpful for anyone who desires to go deeper into the things of the Spirit. Brian has prepared for you a revelatory road map that will lead you into greater realms of discovering God’s presence, signs, and wonders in your own personal life. Get ready to read and be activated!
Joshua Mills, Author, Conference speaker

There is nothing more wonderful than experiencing an incessant connection with Jesus Christ! From this place of intimacy the wonders of God’s kingdom become a reality to those of us who really know Him. In this book, God of Wonders, Brian Guerin does an excellent job of providing a view into the realm of the supernatural derived through intimacy with the Lord! This view has been seen and lived out by many throughout the history of the church, as well as those who lived during Old Testament times. Brian not only details some of this important history, he also provides examples of God’s glory and power still manifesting in this hour! If your heart longs to experience more of what God’s kingdom has to offer you and if your heart motivation is pure in this desire, then I highly recommend this book!
Keith Collins, Lead pastor of FIRE Church; Director of FIRE School of Ministry; Founder of Generation Impact Ministries

About the Author:

Brian Guerin is the founding president of Bridal Glory International. He graduated from the Brownsville School of Ministry/F.I.R.E. in 2001, and now travels throughout the U.S. and the world teaching and preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Brian has appeared on T.B.N. and currently hosts his own broadcasting channel on XPMedia. He authored the book Modern Day Mysticism as well as the annual journal “Steward the Mysteries of God.” Brian’s ministry is one of great prophetic precision marked by unusual signs and wonders, powerful miracles and healing accompanied by the very fingerprints of God.