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Glory in the Blues
Glory in the Blues by Jonathan Fitt

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Author: Jonathan Fitt
Subtitle: A Worship Journey
Format: Paperback
Length: 177 Pages
Published: 2016

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A sound was born in the deep south over one hundred years ago that quickly swept across the land. This sound became known as “the blues.” It was the folk music of those who had been abused and mistreated, and it carried the cries for freedom, justice, and equality of a subjugated people group.

The blues are not just a musical genre. They are an insight into the inner conflict and turmoil within American society. But where the enemy sowed pain and trauma, the Lord is bringing redemption and healing. The despair and hopelessness that gave birth to the blues are being replaced with heaven’s redemptive “blue note.”

Glory in the Blues chronicles some of the history of the cities where the blues were birthed, and tells the story of God’s “musical militia” as they journeyed through many of these sound portals. Everywhere they went, they released the heart of God and the pure “blue note” over the people and the region. Both individuals and atmospheres responded in extraordinary ways to the sounds that were released.

Read Glory in the Blues and be inspired by this testimony of what happens when you hear the call, obey, serve up your gifts and talents, and walk out your heavenly assignments with others.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Ray Hughes
Chapter 1: The Vision
Chapter 2: Gearing Up
Chapter 3: Charleston
Chapter 4: The Shoals
Chapter 5: New Orleans
Chapter 6: The Delta
Chapter 7: Memphis
Chapter 8: St. Louis
Chapter 9: Chicago
Chapter 10: Detroit
Chapter 11: Austin
Chapter 12: Kansas City

The “Blue Journey” changed all of our lives. One of my favorite things about land assignments and prayer journeys are the orchestrated moments that are far beyond what any man could plan. In city after city, the Lord met us and we waded deep in the eternal waters of “blue sound.” I said many times on the trip that the blues may bring you relief for a moment, but they can’t get you to your destiny; however, the sound of the fullness of the color blue (that Father created) can.
Our “Blue Journey” was filled with revelation and surprises, which Jonathan has chronicled so very, very well. Read on, dear friend, may your heart be filled with joy, insight, and new dimensions of understanding as you read Jonathan’s wonderful account of this life-changing Glory in the Blues!
James Nesbit, prophetic artist, psalmist and minister

About the Author:
Jonathan Fitt is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, worship leader, speaker, and author that has been serving the body of Christ in the areas of music and worship since 1997. He has been featured on a number of full-length studio and live worship albums, and he has written or co-written many worship songs.
Jonathan is a cofounder of Philadelphia Tabernacle of David, a ministry focused on raising up worship and prayer throughout the region, and he currently serves as its assistant director. Jonathan’s main passion is to see artists equipped and released into the fullness of their destinies. Jonathan currently resides in Rushland, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Ashley, and their four children.