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Frontline Christians In A Bottomline World
Frontline Christians In A Bottomline World by Linda Rios Brook

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Author: Linda Rios Brook
Format: Paperback
Length: 207 Pages

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Who says that your beliefs and your business cannot make a compatible and profitable relationship? Certainly not Linda Rios Brook. She is living proof that Christian integrity can flourish in the midst of the cut-throat politics of corporate America. She survived more than 25 years in network television as a president of local affiliates. Over the years, she found and maintained the inside track of staying true to the Lord and applying righteous, Godly principles in her work.

Taking cues from Old Testament rulers like Joseph, Daniel, and David, this Wagner Leadership Institute graduate plots a game plan to survive and thrive during the ups-and-downs of marketplace ministry while still glorifying God.

Entrepreneurs and evangelists alike should heed these wise words on the apostolic anointing to take dominion over the working world.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Bill Hamon

Chapter 1: Defining Reality

Chapter 2: God in a Box

Chapter 3: Working for Attila

Chapter 4: Its Time to Preach a New Message

Chapter 5: To Change Directions, Change Leaders

Chapter 6: The Greater Gods Call, the Uglier the Camel That Takes You There

Chapter 7: The Lord Establishes a King and a Kingdom to Displace Another Kingdom

Chapter 8: Do You See the Trouble Were In?

Chapter 9: Apostles of the Church and Apostles of the Workplace Need Each Other

Chapter 10: Getting Out of the Pig Business

Chapter 11: Its Time to Tell the Whole Truth

Chapter 12: Ive Said All That, to Say This


I have 84 books on Christian ministry in the workplace in my personal library, and I have read them all. Many of them are excellent, but in my opinion, Frontline Christians in a Bottom-Line World now takes the number-one position on the list. Linda Rios Book skillfully combines experience in the workplace and insightful understanding of the Bible with a keen ear that hears what the Spirit is saying to the churches today.

C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

Linda Rios Brook is definitely on the front edge of what God is doing in the marketplace (workplace) ministry movement. Her book, Frontline Christians in a Bottom-Line World, takes us beyond the informative and inspiration stage of the movement into sound and practical equipping. Her book will be a valuable tool for ministry in this coming move of God.

Rich Marshall, Author

About the Author

Linda Rios Brook worked as a television executive for more than 25 years and is the author of several books. Linda is the president of the Lakeland Leadership League and teaches at Covenant Centre International in Florida and the Wagner Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs. She is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles, and is Dean of LifeWorks, a workplace ministry school for the Wagner Leadership Institute. Linda lives in Colorado with her husband Larry.