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Freedom Tools Revised and Expanded
Freedom Tools by Andy Reese and Jennifer Barnett

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Author: Andy Reese and Jennifer Barnett
Subtitle: For Overcoming Life's Tough Probelms
Format: Paperback
Length: 300 Pages
Published: 2015

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What do you say to someone who is hurting?

How many times in everyday conversation do we struggle to comfort others in a troubled world? Christians should be “first responders,” say Andy Reese and Jennifer Barnett, yet we lack the tools and confidence to reach out. We end up frustrated by our own inability to connect meaningfully.

But what would happen if we did have the courage to speak out in love?

In these pages, Andy and Jennifer give you the practical understanding and simple tools to do just that. You can fill even your casual conversations with the gentle yet transforming power of Jesus Christ. Here is what you need to bring peace, give grace and help others experience renewal.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Neil T. Anderson
Chapter 1: Polite Society
Part 1: The Ten Foundations
Chapter 2: Two Foundations about God
Chapter 3: Two Foundations about Our Enemy
Chapter 4: Two Foundations about Us
Chapter 5: Two Foundations about Being a First Responder
Chapter 6: Two Foundations about Tools and Process
Part 2: Getting Started
Chapter 7: Key Elements
Chapter 8: Putting It Together
Part 3: More Advanced Tools
Chapter 9: The Four Doors
Chapter 10: The Father Ladder
Chapter 11: Inviting Jesus
Chapter 12: Dealing with Demons
Part 4: Application in Church and Life
Chapter 13: Building a Freedom Prayer Ministry in your Local Church
Chapter 14: Freedom Prayer as a Lifestyle


This powerful book gives you the Freedom Tools you need to demolish the adversary’s obstacles to freedom and prosperity. Use them and you, too, can experience the super-abundant life that God desires for you!
C. Peter Wagner, chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

I am convinced that most Christians fail to become dynamic and effective ambassadors for Christ because they carry with them heavy loads of emotional baggage. Freedom Tools provides a way to help you “travel light” by unpacking those bags and leaving them behind. This book will change lives – maybe even yours.
Rich Stearns, president, World Vision U.S.

A great need has long existed for someone to reduce inner healing to simpler, everyday language and tools. Our friend Andy Reese has done that admirably in his book Freedom Tools. I heartily recommend using it to help laypeople minister to each other.
John Loren Sandford, co-founder, Elijah House Ministries

About the Authors:

Andy Reese is a popular speaker and writer and a long-time leader in inner healing ministry. He is president of the Freedom Resource, a ministry dedicated to providing information, training and support using the Freedom Prayer ministry approach, spreading rapidly among a diverse range of churches.

Jennifer Barnett is a speaker, writer and, with her husband, Cory, leader of the Freedom Prayer Ministry at CrossBridge Community Church in San Antonio, Texas, where they also serve as elders.