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Foundations of Intercession Course Notes
Foundations of Intercession Course Notes by Corey Russell

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Author: Corey Russell
Format: 8.5 x 11" Paperback
Length: 118 Pages
Published: 2016

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From Genesis to Revelation, God has made it clear that when He manifests Himself on earth, He desires the active involvement of humans. He created men and women to partner with Him through an intimate relationship that comes through prayer. But this intimacy between God and humans was severed when Adam and Eve fell. Throughout the Bible, we see God searching for someone to stand in the gap between Himself and humanity, someone who could reconcile heaven and earth. In the fullness of time, God sent His own intercessor – His son – to accomplish this task. Christ’s death and resurrection made a way for broken humanity to be reconciled to God and gave them the glory and honor of being seated with Him in heavenly places.

Foundations of Intercession is the course book for Corey Russell’s course at International House of Prayer University. This resource was developed to awaken believers to the glory of union with God and to the dignity of our calling to intercessory prayer. Through knowing God, we understand His desires, and we intercede for those desires to be fulfilled. The teaching in these sessions calls the body of Christ to the authority we have in the kingdom of God through intercession.

Table of Contents:
Session 1: Revelation of Intercession
Session 2: Changing the Understanding and Expression of Christianity
Session 3: Prayer and the Knowledge of God
Session 4: The Dwelling Place of God
Session 5: Old Testament Intercessors
Session 6: Prophet-Intercessors
Session 7: Jesus: Mediator between God and Man
Session 8: Jesus, Our High Priest: Union with Christ
Session 9: Growing in the Love of God
Session 10: Teach Us to Pray
Session 11: The Simplicity of Asking and Fasting
Session 12: Apostolic Intercession
Session 13: Intercession for Revival
Session 14: The Prayer Movement at the End the Age
Session 15: Sustaining a Spirit of Prayer for Decades
Appendix: Will Battery Project

About the Author:
Corey Russell serves on the senior leadership team of the International House of Prayer and is an instructor at International House of Prayer University. His mission is to disciple and train young preachers and leaders. He travels nationally and internationally, preaching on the knowledge of God, intercession, and the urgency of the hour. He and his wife, Dana, have three daughters, Trinity, Mya, and Hadassah.