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Foundations of Honor Study Guide
Foundations of Honor Study Guide with Danny Silk

Price: $14.99
Author: Danny Silk
Subtitle: Building a Powerful Community
Format: Paperback
Length: 133 Pages
Published: 2015

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For years, Danny Silk has been teaching, writing, speaking, and coaching on honor and how to express it in our families, churches, organizations, and communities. And for years, he has received the same feedback and questions around this powerful, challenging, and frequently misunderstood and misapplied concept, such as:
  • If respecting our freedom and the freedom of others is crucial to practicing honor, what do we do when people cannot handle their freedom?
  • We tried to honorably confront someone, and the person refused to clean up his mess. What do we do now?
  • I really don’t like confrontation. Doesn’t honor mean we should get along without conflict?
  • If we’re all trying to honor one another equally, does that mean there shouldn’t be any leaders?
  • Why does honor always seem to turn into entitlement?

The Foundations of Honor Study Guide addresses these questions and more through a comprehensive study of the core values and cultural effects of honor. As a companion to the Foundations of Honor Teaching Series, the Study Guide digs deeply into the concepts introduced and discussed by Danny and the featured leaders in the DVD/audio sessions. With clear biblical teaching and illustrations, provoking questions, and targeted action points, the Study Guide will equip you to examine your own foundations and build a solid foundation on honor in your life, home, business, church, and community.

The Foundations of Honor Study Series (Teaching Series and Study Guide) is a 10-session course suitable for both individuals and groups.

Table of Contents:
Session 1: What is Honor?
Introduction: The Context and Definition of Honor
Foundation Stone 1: Freedom
Foundation Stone 2: Relationships
Foundation Stone 3: Destiny

Session 2: Cultivating an Abundance Mindset
Foundation Stone 4: The Father’s Abundance
Foundation Stone 5: Abundance and Authority
Foundation Stone 6: Generosity

Session 3: Confrontation, Part 1: Why We Need Feedback
Foundation Stone 7: The Need for Confrontation
Foundation Stone 8: A Value for Feedback
Foundation Stone 9: A Safe Place
Foundation Stone 10: Adjusting to Meet Needs

Session 4: Confrontation, Part 2: Skills for Success
Foundation Stone 11: Humility
Foundation Stone 12: Asking Good Questions
Foundation Stone 13: Building Solutions

Session 5: Confrontation, Part 3: Results
Foundation Stone 14: Stronger People
Foundation Stone 15: Stronger Connections
Foundation Stone 16: When Confrontation Doesn’t Go Well

Session 6: Empowering the People Around You
Foundation Stone 17: Valuing People
Foundation Stone 18: Communicating Vision
Foundation Stone 19: Team Building

Session 7: Long-term Relationships
Foundation Stone 20: The Framework of Family
Foundation Stone 21: Removing the Punisher
Foundation Stone 22: Finishing Well

Session 8: Exporting Honor
Foundation Stone 23: Removing “Us” and “Them”
Foundation Stone 24: Loving Through Service
Foundation Stone 25: Positioned for Influence

Session 9: Building Succession Momentum
Foundation Stone 26: Mission and Method
Foundation Stone 27: Training Through Relationship
Foundation Stone 28: Training for Endurance

Session 10: Laying the Foundation of Honor
The Constitution of Honor