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Foundational Truths For Christian Living
Foundational Truths For Christian Living by Derek Prince

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Author: Derek Prince
Format: Paperback
Length: 494 Pages

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Build a foundation that will withstand the storms of a lifetime! Foundational Truths for Christian Living (previously released as The Spirit-Filled Believers Handbook) will help you form foundations for a spiritual house that will not crumble during the storms of life. Foundational Truths for Christian Living is an:

  • Indispensable foundation for all believers
  • Excellent teaching resource for leaders
  • Easy-to-understand guide for new Christians
  • Effective reference tool for counseling, witnessing, and ministry

Let Derek Prince teach you the fundamentals of faith about salvation, baptism, the Holy spirit, laying on of hands, resurrection, and eternal judgment.

Table of Contents


How to Use Foundational Truths for Christian Living

Part 1: Foundation for Faith

Chapter 1: The Foundation of the Christian Faith

Chapter 2: How to Build on the Foundation

Chapter 3: The Authority of Gods Word

Chapter 4: Initial Effects of Gods Word

Chapter 5: Physical and Mental Effects of Gods Word

Chapter 6: Victorious Effects of Gods Word

Chapter 7: Purifying Effects of Gods Word

Chapter 8: Revelatory Effects of Gods Word

Part 2: Repent and Believe

Chapter 9: Repentance

Chapter 10: The Nature of Faith

Chapter 11: The Uniqueness of Faith

Chapter 12: Faith for Salvation

Chapter 13: Faith and Works

Chapter 14: Law and Grace

Chapter 15: The Purpose of the Law

Chapter 16: The True Righteousness

Part 3: New Testament Baptisms

Chapter 17: The Verb Baptize

Chapter 18: Johns Baptism Compared to Christian Baptism

Chapter 19: Conditions for Christian Baptism

Chapter 20: Spiritual Significance of Christian Baptism

Chapter 21: The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Chapter 22: Receive the Holy Spirit

Chapter 23: Do All Speak With Tongues?

Chapter 24: Emotional and Physical Reactions

Chapter 25: The Promise of the Spirit

Chapter 26: How to Receive the Holy Spirit

Chapter 27: Old Testament Patterns for New Testament Salvation

Part 4: Purposes of Pentecost

Chapter 28: Introduction and Warning

Section A: The Spirit-Filled Believer

Chapter 29: Power and Glory

Chapter 30: On the Supernatural Plane

Chapter 31: Continual Guidance and Overflowing Life

Chapter 32: Divine Love Outpoured

Section B: The Spirit-Filled Congregation

Chapter 33: Liberty Under Control

Chapter 34: Total Participation of the Members

Section C: The Spirit-Filled Preacher

Chapter 35: Conviction of Eternal Issues

Chapter 36: Supernatural Attestation

Part 5: Laying on of Hands

Chapter 37: Imparting Blessings, Authority and Healing

Chapter 38: Imparting the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

Chapter 39: Commissioning Ministers

Part 6: Resurrection of the Dead

Chapter 40: At the End of Time

Chapter 41: Diverging Destinies at Death

Chapter 42: Christ the Pattern and the Proof

Chapter 43: Resurrection Foretold in the Old Testament

Chapter 44: Christ the Firstfruits

Chapter 45: Those Who Are Christs at His Coming

Chapter 46: Then Comes the End

Chapter 47: With What Body?

Part 7: Eternal Judgment

Chapter 48: God, the Judge of All

Chapter 49: Gods Judgments in History

Chapter 50: The judgment Seat of Christ

Chapter 51: The Judgment of Christian Service

Chapter 52: Three Final Judgments

Topical Index

About the Author

About the Author

Derek Prince (1915-2003), a father, statesman, teacher, and leader, was regarded as one of the dynamic voices in the Charismatic Renewal! He earned degrees at Cambridge University, became a highly respected nondenominational pastor and Bible teacher, authored more than forty books, and was influential in worldwide missions. His love and support for Israel and mankind have created a legacy calling him an epistle of living love.