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Follow Me
Follow Me by J. Lee Grady

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Author: J. Lee Grady
Subtitle: Make Disciples the Way Jesus Did
Format: Paperback
Length: 216 Pages
Published: 2022

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God has placed the next generation into our hands. Who will raise them up if the church does not?

Jesus’ final mandate to His followers was “Go . . . and make disciples” – yet today most of the church is oblivious to what discipleship is and few Christians are actually investing their lives in helping other believers grow spiritually. A vast paradigm shift is needed in the church today in order to reach the next generation and advance the gospel in the twenty-first century.

Using many New Testament examples as well as his own experience in mentoring dozens of young leaders, J. Lee Grady offers a clear strategy for discipling others that can be used by individuals and churches. Christianity was never intended to be a spectator sport where huge crowds sit and listen to one preacher on a Sunday. Rather, Jesus intended for all believers to engage in ministry – and this includes the work of discipling other believers.

So many Christians today live in a box of limitation. We must understand that the Christian life is an adventure with the Holy Spirit working through us. This book will help believers get out of this box and begin the exciting adventure of spiritual multiplication. There’s a whole world outside your comfort zone – discover what God wants to do with it!

Table of Contents:
Author’s Note
Chapter 1: Follow Me – the Call of the Savior
Chapter 2: God Wants You to Be an Influencer
Chapter 3: Whatever Happened to Close Relationships?
Chapter 4: Three Vital Relationships Every Christian Needs
Chapter 5: You are Called to Reproduce
Chapter 6: The Four Roles of a Disciple Maker
Chapter 7: The Six I’s of Discipleship
Chapter 8: A Disciple Maker Is a Servant
Chapter 9: Practical Tips for Effective Mentoring
Chapter 10: Returning to the Book of Acts Model
Chapter 11: It’s Time to Get Out of Your Boat!
Chapter 12: Don’t Try This Without the Holy Spirit!
Appendix: Renew Your Mind with God’s Word
About the Author

About the Author:
J. Lee Grady is an author, award-winning journalist, ordained minister, missionary, and director of The Mordecai Project, an international ministry that confronts the marginalization of women globally. He is the author of several books, and he invests much of his time mentoring and discipling young Christians. He and his wife, Deborah, have four daughters and three grandchildren.