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Fasting and Prayer
Fasting and Prayer by Steven Brooks

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Author: Steven Brooks
Subtitle: God's Nuclear Power
Format: Paperback
Length: 204 Pages
Published: 2012

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When it comes to Fasting and Prayer, author Steven Brooks has lived his message. In this book, he shares the ups and downs of his experiences with fasting and the explosive power the Holy Spirit has released in his ministry as a result. Visions, healings, and miracles have been released to Steven Brooks through the simple commitment to fast and pray, and these supernatural manifestations are for you, as well!

Tremendous power is released to the believer who is hungry to go deeper with God. Even if you have not experienced success with fasting before, this book will inspire faith in your spirit to believe for Gods extra measure of grace to fast. Join Steven Brooks, along with many biblical and modern-day saints, in experiencing for yourself the infusion of power that Fasting and Prayer will bring to your Christian walk!

In Stevens own words: Embrace what the Word of God teaches concerning fasting combined with fervent prayer, be a hearer and a doer of the Word of God, and the power of God will flow through you to see even the most impossible prayers answered and countless other needs and desires met!

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Divine Radiation

Chapter 2: Fasting by Grace

Chapter 3: Food Which You Do Not Know

Chapter 4: Generating Thermonuclear Energy and Heat

Chapter 5: Toxic Crisis: Understanding Your Body Wile Fasting

Chapter 6: Dont Doubt the Lord

Chapter 7: Revelation Knowledge Released Through Prayer and Fasting

Chapter 8: The Art of Waiting on the Lord

Chapter 9: Remember the Poor

Chapter 10: 21-Day Fast Diary

Appendix A: Prayer and Fasting Commitment

Appendix B: Prayer of Salvation and to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit and Fire

Appendix C: Additional Scripture on Prayer and Fasting

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About Steven Brooks

About the Author

Steven Brooks is known worldwide for his outstanding ability to preach and teach the Word of God with unusual authority and tremendous clarity. His powerful healing and miracle ministry has taken him throughout America and around the world with confirming signs and wonders that strengthen the Church and draw multitudes to Jesus Christ. Steven is senior pastor and co-founder along with his wife Kelly of The Holy Place Worship Center in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. The church is known for its strong prayer foundations and for an atmosphere of love and humility.