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Exposing Witchcraft in the Church
Exposing Witchcraft in the Church by Rick Godwin

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Author: Rick Godwin
Format: Paperback
Length: 155 Pages
Published: 1997

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Many Christians today don’t realize the subtle influence of witchcraft in their lives.  Satan is a sly manipulator, intent on rendering the church lifeless, powerless, and impotent.  He knows his eventual demise includes eternity in the lake of fire.  He will do whatever it takes to prolong his influence in the world and in the church.  Satan’s covert operations are on the rise today, and you need to learn how to identify his influences in your life.

As you read Exposing Witchcraft in the Church you will discover:
  • The subtle, and not so subtle, influences of witchcraft in the church
  • The relationship between guilt, condemnation, and witchcraft
  • How to spot witchcraft
  • What the living and active Word of God has to say in response to witchcraft’s influence
  • How to appropriate the victory of the cross over the influences of the devi

Table of Contents
Foreword by Paul Crouch
Part 1: Bewitched, Be-Wondered, and Bewildered
Chapter 1: The Essence of Witchcraft
Chapter 2: Witchcraft in the Family
Chapter 3: Manipulation, Thy Name is Jezebel
Chapter 4: Lucifer: Ambition to Position
Chapter 5: Satan’s Greatest Weapon

Part 2: Defeating Satan and the Power of Witchcraft in Your Life
Chapter 6: Five Key Principles of the Kingdom
Chapter 7: Last Adam First
Chapter 8: The Nature of Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 9: Launching Our Weapons

Part 3: The Power of the Cross in the Life of the Believer
Chapter 10: Deliverance from the Law
Chapter 11: Deliverance from the World
Chapter 12: Deliverance from Ourselves
Conclusion: Crossing the Bridge

About the Author
Rick Godwin is the pastor of Eagle’s Nest Christian Fellowship, San Antonio, Texas, a nondenominational church.  A former associate evangelist with James Robison, Rick also ministers in churches and conferences worldwide, and frequently appears on TBN’s Praise the Lord show.  He is also the author of Training for Reigning.