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Exploring the Prophetic 90 Day Devo
Exploring the Prophetic 90 Day Devotional by Shawn Bolz

Price: $14.99
Author: Shawn Bolz
Format: Hardcover
Length: 189 Pages
Published: 2018

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Table of Contents:
Day 1: Prophetic Gifts Show the Nature of God
Day 2: Sharing Headspace with God
Day 3: Hearing God’s Thoughts About Humanity
Day 4: Measure Your Fruit
Day 5: Every Area of Life
Day 6: Removing Performance
Day 7: Focus of Each Word
Day 8: Prophecy Is for Relationship
Day 9: His Secrets
Day 10: Relationship Supersedes Rules
Day 11: Knowing God
Day 12: Our Guide
Day 13: Holy Spirit
Day 14: Develop an Ear to Hear God
Day 15: Step Past Discernment
Day 16: Word of Knowledge
Day 17: Receiving a Word of Knowledge
Day 18: Word of Wisdom
Day 19: Prophecy
Day 20: Listening to God’s Thoughts
Day 21: Lens of Love
Day 22: Promises Create Peace
Day 23: Centering God in Our Lives
Day 24: Our Minds
Day 25: Discerning the Counterfeit
Day 26: Discerning Heart
Day 27: Practice
Day 28: Desire to Be Right
Day 29: Holy Peer Pressure
Day 30: The Gap
Day 31: Becoming
Day 32: God’s Original Intention
Day 33: Hearing God for Evangelism
Day 34: Words of Knowledge for Ourselves
Day 35: Relating to Our Creator
Day 36: The Mind of Christ Is a Lifestyle
Day 37: God’s Eternal Nature and Promise
Day 38: Solutions and Life Lessons
Day 39: We Are Empowered by His Voice
Day 40: Spiritual Gifts Are for Everyone
Day 41: Spirit of Jesus
Day 42: God Thrives off Our Connection
Day 43: Prophetic Gifts Promote Connection
Day 44: You Are Your Own Prophet
Day 45: God’s Voice Brings Justice
Day 46: Environment of Feedback
Day 47: Developing Your Weights and Balance System
Day 48: Our Mental Network
Day 49: Making Mistakes
Day 50: Risk
Day 51: Be Authentic
Day 52: You Are Not Your Gift
Day 53: There Is No Normal in God
Day 54: Knowing Yourself
Day 55: Accountability for Relational Skills
Day 56: Exercise the Gifts
Day 57: Know Your Audience
Day 58: Faith Container
Day 59: Lead with Blind Love
Day 60: God’s Original Deign
Day 61: Representing God
Day 62: Only Revelation Produces Prophetic Words
Day 63: Prophecy Is the Heart of God
Day 64: God Is Always Speaking
Day 65: We Are Coinheritors
Day 66: Self-Accountability
Day 67: Practice Skill Building
Day 68: Risk-Taking
Day 69: Beware of Patterns
Day 70: Ask Lots of Questions
Day 71: The Prophetic Accelerates Relationship
Day 72: See What God Sees
Day 73: Win the Prize
Day 74: Love Is the Main Goal
Day 75: Participating with His Nature
Day 76: Prophecy Should Never Violate Our Ability to Have Choices
Day 77: Discernment Is a Conversation Starter
Day 78: Shake It Off
Day 79: Becoming a Living Epistle
Day 80: Inherit Blessings
Day 81: Gospel of Good News
Day 82: God Will Go Outside Our Boxes
Day 83: Prophecy Is About Relationship
Day 84: Expect the Unexpected
Day 85: Learning About the Father
Day 86: Interpreting God
Day 87: God Continues to Share
Day 88: Power of His Nature
Day 89: Prophetic Attitude
Day 90: Developing Life Skills